Frontman Dion Finne has always been attracted to the spirit and energy of skate punk, punk rock, pop punk and hardcore punk music. After drumming in Banshee, fronting Stream City and touring with Stars Burn Stripes, he’s turned his creative energy to this new project.

After more than 10 years of songwriting, it is clear that Fabled Mind is the result of many years of fascination within the punk genre. The album can be considered a stripped down version of Stream City, with a razor-sharp focus on the anatomy of well-composed songs.

Dion teamed up with bassist/producer Mattias Rasmussen (Stream City) and drummer Leo Wallin (Forever Unclean, Kill The Rooster, Megafonzie) and recorded the eight-track album entitled ‘Passenger’. The tracks are both familiar and unique, with a blend of hardcore punk and pop punk. The topics range from social observations, isolation, hope and gloomy fate, to brutally honest lyrics about lost friendships and good memories.


  • Dion Finne – Guitar & vocals
  • Søren Olsen – Bass
  • Brian Brinksby – Guitar
  • Leo Wallin – Drums


Copenhagen / Rønne

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“After a record of chopping and changing just about every aspect of the contemporary melodic Punk scene, Fabled Mind ride in via relentless and vintage Melodic Hardcore played as the genre should be with the correct amount of lead. However, the band that is excellent at not making their sodding minds-up tease you with their quirks before setting off back into gloomy Skate Punk drive and then on towards to a whirling maelstrom of Post-Hardcore legacy, charged again with latter forms of Punk energy.”

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