5 minutes with Bandage

Bandage are a punk rock band from Athens, Greece, who include a bit of pop-punk goodness in their releases. They released a fresh album in 2019 called Build, full of anthemic, punchy pop punk vibes. 

How did you first get involved with the punk rock community? 

Watching live shows of famous punk rock bands, and playing Tony Hawk video games with a bunch of friends (PC old school version – WASD fucking rules). Also, live shows of friends and lots of streaming on the internet. In the meantime, we wanted to create our own music to be more a part of it… and here we are!

What’s your favourite album of all time (and what do you love most about it)? 

That’s a tough one!  

Bad ReligionStranger Than Fiction. What we like most about it is that from almost every standpoint of making a record, the music, the lyrics, the melodies, the attitude, the production, the relevance, the meaningfulness, the artistry… The album still resonates 100% with us. We will never get tired of listening to it (every once in a while at least). 

Who’s your favourite new band right now? 

The Story So Far.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about music? 

To play at every rehearsal and at any show with your whole heart and soul! 

Musically, what’s been your proudest moment? 

Every album and playing Punk Rock Holiday.

Who do you most admire in the scene at the moment? 

Propagandhi. It feels like they are the only band that truly care about what they alone think they should be doing with their music and their shows. It feels like they are absolutely independent in their thinking and their complete approach. There’s zero bullshit off and on stage; they’re honest, original and damn right cool as hell. Let alone all the great thought- provoking music and the ability to make amazing record after amazing record. 

What have you got coming up that you’d like people to hear about? 

Live shows all over Greece and Europe (and maybe outside Europe) and composing our new album! 


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