Breaking Bad/Breaking ‘Jaw – A Statement from Almeida’s Tom West.

Yo, Bitch! If you’re into Lockjaw Records and the barrage of super-awesome bands these guys continue to put out, you clearly have very good taste. That’s why this new T-shirt is for you!

Check out this awesome design from the fair hand of Russell Taysom. No, you’re not looking at the love child of Lockjaw supremo Rob Piper and a scrotum – it’s Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White from the soon-to-be-defunct US serial drama BREAKING BAD (/Nad?), chowing down on some lovely, conveniently logo shaped crystal meth. It’s in everyone’s interests that I refrain from dropping any spoilers (OH MY DAYS, though..), but as the show is coming to its nail-biting finale, what better way to commemorate it in all its majesty than buying this beast of a T-shirt and helping out one of the UK’s hardest working and hardest rocking DIY labels? Beats crying into your veggie bacon, I can assure you!

If you’re enjoying what critics are calling the greatest final run in television history, or have pals who are as in love with the show as me and my Almeida bandmates, then please throw over some digital pennies to show your support.

Walter White and Lockjaw Records. A match made in heaven. ‘The One Who Knocks’ and ‘THE ONES WHO ROCK!’ (TM)

All the best and have an A1 Day!


Pre-Order the Walter White Breaking ‘Jaw T-shirt for £10 from the Lock’store: