Almeida release new single ‘A Song For Europe’

Everyone’s favourite progressive-thrashers have returned with a pro-European, anti-Brexit assault… and a siiiiick ‘elephant in the room’ t-shirt

On October 31st 2019 at 11am GMT – the day the United Kingdom had been scheduled to leave the European Union – prog-melodic hardcore legends Almeida are publicly addressing ‘the elephant in the room’ with new video single ‘A Song For Europe’.


Listen to the full single

“The song sums up the liberating but incredibly self-conscious feeling of touring Europe shortly after the 2016 EU referendum” says Tom West, Almeida’s lead vocalist.

“The lyrics express how, especially since that time, we’ve felt far more at home on stage and at shows on the mainland than we do back in England, where the atmosphere and attitude to those deemed to be outsiders or ‘traitors’ has become so dangerously toxic.


The ‘elephant in the room’ referred to in the song and its corresponding artwork relates to the inescapable embarrassment that came from introducing ourselves as being from the UK, especially around the time of the referendum. Everybody wanted to ask about Brexit, and of course it was the thing we were least excited to talk about.”

‘A Song For Europe’ (lovingly named after the classic Father Ted episode) is a one-minute burst of technical melodic hardcore – produced and mixed by Andy Dazzler of Manchester’s Through the Roof Recording Studios. 

A longer two-minute version of the track (including a grandiose orchestral introduction) is be available on Almeida’s Bandcamp page alongside a brand new, limited-edition ‘Elephant’ T-shirt designed by MaggotsArt. The t-shirts will be printed on high-quality, ethically sourced garments, designed for maximum comfort.