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Introducing the new members of the Lockjaw Records family, Main Line 10, super tight melodic hardcore from that classic Brits summer getaway, Palma de Mallorca (ES). Since forming in 2005 the band have had multiple releases, the debut 6 track demo EP ‘AdrenaLine’ (2006), the first full length ‘Today is Tomorrow’ (2009), followed by EP […]

Belvedere Announce New Album ‘The Revenge of The Fifth’

So its official, we will be releasing the new record from Canadian skate punk legends Belvedere. The Revenge of The Fifth is the fifth studio album from the Calgary quartet and is set for release on May 5, 2016 via Bird Attack (US), Effervescence (FR), Funtime (BE), No Reason Records(It) and Lockjaw Records (UK). The […]

New Compilation OUT TODAY over 20 Awesome Bands from the Label and Distro

Hey Guys! Today we released a new Compilation featuring some of our favourite bands from the label and distro from all over the world. You can download ‘Lockjaw Records 2015’ from Bandcamp for a pay what you want price, any donations go straight back into the label to go towards more. Welcome to the official […]

“Neuropsychology and Carrots” a review of ‘Origins’ by The Human Project

Matt Stanley takes a slightly obscure look at the new Human Project album. LISTEN TO THE ALBUM HERE! WATCH A VIDEO OF ‘ORIGINS’ LIVE HERE! The beautifully moustachioed Rob Piper from Lockjaw Records has asked me to review a few releases over the next couple of months. These will be the first pieces I’ve written as a result of […]

insidemattstanleyshead – How I learned to stop caring and love FAUSTO!

LISTEN HERE WATCH HERE! What is Fausto? On the 13th October 2013, Fausto updated their facebook with the following missive, ‘ATTN EVERYONE: FUCK OFF’. This was announced alongside a picture of an 8 year-old Feyenoord supporter flipping the bird and generally looking like an obnoxious shit. I couldn’t tell you why they did this, but it’s actually […]

InsideMattStanleysHead – Heroes Die Too – Women and children first

Matt Stanley reviews the italian stallions – Heroes Die Too : On the aggregate-review website ‘Metacritic’ the director John Carpenter has received 45 out of 100 as an accumulated score for his career as a director. In fact, the only film to score above 54 is his debut ‘Halloween’. So why, before they even treat […]

Matt Stanley(Stillbust) Reviews PACER – Making Plans

I shall start this review with a confession. One in which I’ll admit that I originally dismissed Pacer because they sounded nothing like The Steal. This of course is completely retarded. Firstly because Pacer aren’t The Steal (although some members of the latter are now in the former), and secondly as i made this judgment not on the merit […]

Breaking Bad/Breaking ‘Jaw – A Statement from Almeida’s Tom West.

Yo, Bitch! If you’re into Lockjaw Records and the barrage of super-awesome bands these guys continue to put out, you clearly have very good taste. That’s why this new T-shirt is for you! Check out this awesome design from the fair hand of Russell Taysom. No, you’re not looking at the love child of Lockjaw […]

Giants release ‘Skatepunk for Southbank’ Compilation with a nice slice of ‘Jaw.

GIANTS have released their Skatepunk For Southbank compilation, featuring our boys in Stillbust, Drones and Darko alongside Gnarwolves, an exclusive cover from Frank Turner, Marmozets, Rob Lynch and many more. SkatePunkForSouthBank by Various The band told Punktastic: “We were overwhelmed beyond belief with the response from bands across the country for this release. We wanted […]