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A Punk Rock Coffee Break! An Interview with Daggers & Hearts Dave Kendall

This is what we want on the Highstreet! Daggers and Hearts is a new Punk Rock establishment based in Plymouth selling clothing, accessories, fresh coffee and cold drinks and snacks. All clothing is sourced ethically from independent sources and all food and drinks are sourced from local, independent sources. Fresh coffee is sourced from a provider […]

Mutated-Views! An Interview with Russell Taysom (Punk Illustrator)

Hey Guys! This is first of many interviews with awesome people from the scene that Lockjaw love! This week we interview RUSSELL TAYSOM Punk rocker and illustrator from London. 1. Hey Russell cheers for your time on top of the super cool designs above ;). Could you give a quick intro for the readers? I’m […]

Darko release new video from up coming EP.

DARKO have released a new video from their new EP FROM TRUST TO CONFORMITY released September 7th. “The Smarter That I Think I AM, The Dumber I Actually Get” is the 3rd track from the EP and the video is made up from footage taken ps4 remote play from the bands june 2012 UK tour. You […]