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Almeida is a progressive thrash / melodic hardcore act from the South Coast of the UK, known for their unmatched technical musicianship, their jaw-dropping live performances and their creative songwriting.

Formed in 2007, these four guys grew up together with a shared love of fast, outlandish music that they’ve transformed into one of the most impressive live presences the UK has to offer. Almeida’s sound is a melting pot of different genres, resulting a unique mix of intricate progressive mental and frenetic 90’s skate-punk. They shred like Protest The Hero but with a thrashy edge you’ll love.

Almeida have toured all across Europe and Japan, promoting their debut album Fantastic Massacre and their follow-up EP Social Media Circus. They have shared stages with acts like Belvedere, Shai Hulud, A Wilhelm Scream and Bury Tomorrow. Watch out: they’ll come tear the face off your town next.


Wilhelm Scream, Between the Buried and Me, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Mars Volta, NOFX, Opeth, Pennywise, Propagandhi, Protest the Hero


  • Tom West – Vocals, synth
  • Chris Mason – Guitar, vocals
  • Marc Morey – Drums


  • Barry Straker – Bass


Hampshire / Sussex, UK

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What is everybody saying?

“Not only do they play at a superhuman pace, they do it with flawless technical flair while constantly navigating inventive rhythm-changes and flourishes.” – Shout Louder

“An awesome mix of tech-punk, proggy-post rock, and Zappa-esque experimentation.”  Kill Your Own Zine

“Epic, bold, sweeping and some of the most sophisticated stuff I have ever heard. Bloody amazing experimental tech hardcore and a shit load of passion and energy; put Almeida on just about any metal, hardcore or punk bill and you have a shed load of happy punters. Definitely a band to see before you die.” – Issue Zine

“‘Sick’ doesn’t come close. Easily one of the best bands I have ever seen, EVER.” – One of Them Promotions

“A rollercoaster ride of mental song writing set to tear off faces across the land.” – Punktastic

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