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Anchord are a melodic punk band from Sarria de Ter, Girona (Spain), who excel in creative songwriting, gut-wrenching emotional vocals and, ultimately, memorable punk tunes. They bring a long of 90’s emo influence into their sound, alongside a dynamic element of post-hardcore.

After more than two years playing in Catalonia and further afield in mainland Europe, Anchord released their first songs on cassette in 2014 via Saltamarges. In 2017 Anchords’ first full-length As A Real Return was released on Lockjaw Records (UK),  Saltamarges (ES) , Bcore (ES), La Agonía de Vivir (ES) and Discos Finu (ES).

Anchord take an adolescent love for melodic hardcore bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere and Adhesive, which shines through in their accelerated rhythms, however their modern sound tends towards more progressive intros, complex harmonies and rhythms, without ever losing that ingrained sense of urgency. The influence of nineties emotional hardcore also prevalent, similar to many bands emerging from the American underground emo-core scene.


Samiam, Rival Schools, Touché Amoré, Title Fight, Adhesive, Hot Water Music, Jawbox, Belvedere, Gnarwolves.


  • Vi­ctor – Bass, Vocal
  • Orestis – Guitar,  Vocals
  • Pep – Guitar
  • Jaume – Drums



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