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Canadian skate-punk legends Belvedere barely need an introduction. They are heroes of fast, furious, melodic punk, who’ve never lost sight of their roots.

The Calgary quarter’s fifth studio album Revenge of the Fifth was released on Lockjaw Records (UK), Bird Attack (US), Effervescence (FR), Funtime (BE) and No Reason Records (IT) in 2016. Fans of the band will feel a sense of nostalgia for the speed and riffage, however Revenge of The Fifth represents a more mature progression in songwriting and expression of hope.

Formed in 1995 and originally never even meant to play a live show, the trailblazing foursome from Calgary, Alberta quickly grew a reputation on the underground punk scene for their blazing fast speed and melodic vocals.

Taking their name from the ‘80s sitcom and influenced by the likes of Bad Religion and NOFX, they released their debut album Because No One Stopped Us in 1998 following up with three more full length records over the course of their career and leading to tours with Bad Religion, Strung Out, Death by Stereo, Tsunami Bomb and several appearances at Warped Tour and Groezrock Festival. The band broke up in late 2005 however, after seven years apart, Belvedere finally came back together for a reunion tour in 2012.

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Bad Religion, Strung Out, Death By Stereo, Lagwagon, This Is A Standoff, Much The Same, Mute


Calgary, Canada

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