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Burnt Tapes are a four-piece melodic punk rock band based in London, UK, known for creating their own unique brand of ‘regret punk’. Inspired by emotive heavy-hitters like Iron Chic and Polar Bear Club, their 2017 EP Alterations was a 6-track gruff-punk gem, loaded with hooks and tattoo-worthy lyrical twists. They’ve followed it in 2019 with their debut album Never Better.

Burnt Tapes met as teenagers in Athens, Greece, before all settling in London and forming the band in 2014. Their Wasted History demo was self-released that year. Since then, they have played over 100 shows across Europe, sharing stages with the likes of Red City Radio, Timeshares and Pkew Pkew Pkew, as well as exciting audiences at Manchester Punk FestivalBooze Cruise, Book Yer Ane Fest and Rebellion Festival, to name just a few.

Sounds like

Iron Chic, Polar Bear Club, Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker, The Lawrence Arms, Red City Radio


  • Tone Apostolopoulos – Vocals ,Bass
  • Phil Georgoulopoulos – Lead vocals ,Guitar
  • Panos Tessaromatis – Vocals & Guitar
  • Jordan Hall – Drums

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What is everybody saying?

Alterations is six tracks of strong, sombre sing-along material with faultless melodic backing. The Burnt Tapes have grown enormously in the last 18 months and they’ve effectively established their own genre of ‘regret punk’.” – Shout Louder

“With a gruff punk rock sound and songs that could easily hang with the likes of Hot Water Music and Polar Bear Club, Alterations hits hard from the top.” – Already Heard

“The Burnt Tapes have delivered an almost flawless six track EP of muscular gruff punk… and it’s a release that, if there’s any justice, should see their already dedicated fanbase growing.” – The Punk Site

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