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Edward in Venice are from Pesaro, Italy. They’ve been playing explosive, shout-along hardcore since 2011; their 2019 EP Empathy is their fourth release together. The band’s sound is quintessential screaming-fast melodic hardcore, with catchy melodies and a pinch of pop punk/emo thrown in.

Over they’ve years they’ve self-released two EPs, before bringing out Howler in 2015 via Lockjaw Records, Bird Attack, No Reason and White Russian.

They’ve completed several self-booked tours around mainland Europe, plus jaunts to the UK, Canada and Japan. They’ve supported incredible acts like Descendents, Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream and Millencolin, as well as appearances at festivals like Groezrock, Punk Rock Holiday, SBAM and Manchester Punk Festival.

Sounds like

Such Gold, Title Fight, Alexisonfire, Polar Bear Club, Touche Amore, A Wilhelm Scream, Actionmen, Touche Amore, La Dispute, Flatliners, Polar Bear Club


Pesaro, Italy

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