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Fair Do’s are an unrivalled powerhouse of technical melodic hardcore, who combine hardcore punk and metal in a way that few other bands manage. Fair Do’s have spent their formative years hammering their distinctive fast-punk style home, however they’ve also invested considerable time honing their metal chops, evident in their heavier rhythms, riffs and plentiful beat-downs.

Formed in 2008, Fair Do’s have established a following of dedicated fans around Europe, playing with legends like After The Fall, A Wilhelm Scream, Frenzal Rhomb and H20. Having grown up in small working-class towns around Manchester, they have an underdog mentality that resonates their lyrics, which are a both politically-focussed and firmly tongue-in-cheek.

Although they are driven by a strong DIY ethos, Fair Do’s are best known for their unrivalled technical talent. Every song is heart-racingly uptempo and overlaid with jaw-droppingly intricate guitars. They released a shred-heavy EP Trying Times via Pumpkin Records in 2014, then followed it with their debut album Leopards on Lockjaw Records in July 2018. The album is an adrenaline-soaked collision of hardcore punk and metal, that captures the energy and technical prowess of their explosive live show.


Manchester, UK


Death by Stereo, Propagandhi, Strung Out, Protest The Hero, Black Dahlia Murder, After The Fall, A Wilhelm Scream, Kisstory FM


  • Danny Cummings – Vocals, guitar
  • Dave Speechley – Guitar
  • Josh Sumner – Bass, vocals
  • John Holt – Drums, vocals

What everyone's saying

“Brian from Pears says that musically they’re one of the best bands they’ve ever played with and, given that they sound like Protest The Hero covering Propagandhi songs, it’s hard to argue with him.” – Punktastic

“Fair Do’s blend skate punk with heavy metal better than many other bands in the genre, every heavy beatdown is ridiculously fun.” – Shout Louder

“Combining skate and melodic punk rock with technical guitars, Fair Do’s fit into a lot of different genres and have the potential to stand out in them all. People who say playing punk rock is easy need to check out Fair Do’s!” – Colin’s Punk Rock World

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