Hightime tour dates


Drawing influence from the greater world of music, Hightime have managed to create a sound which clashes with many a genre; yet carries the passion of its driving punk rock roots.
Since first hitting the stage in 2009, Hightime’s infectious and energetic live show has seen them release 2 albums, consistently tour the country and play alongside a huge range of artists from around the globe; including acts as diverse as Refused, The Bronx, Anti-Flag & Frenzal Rhomb.
We’re just 4 kids from Adelaide, Australia who love music, partying and being around awesome people; starting a band was just a logical step…


Punk, Reggae, Hardcore, Swing, Jazz, Metal, Hip Hop, Ska, Flamenco, Gypsy, People, Politics, Revolution, Change, Experience, Life, Friends, Family


  • Nina – Vocals
  • Reuben – Guitar
  • Jay – Bass
  • Dave – Drums


Adelaide, Australia

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