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Portsmouth’s Misgivings are a powerhouse of gruff melodic punk rock that will wrap you in riffs and tug at your heartstrings.

Combining the hooks of The Flatliners and the rasp of Hüsker Dü and Leatherface, with the gut-wrenching power of Iron Chic or Polar Bear Club, Misgivings bring emotion alive with every intricately constructed song.

Embraced by the loud, melody-driven South Coast UK punk scene, Misgivings bring a uniquely British edge to an otherwise traditionally North American punk rock sound. Lyrically, Misgivings are rooted in personal and political issues, viewing the world with equal measures of uncertainty and hope, aiming to reward the listener for looking closer.

In 2018, Misgivings recorded their debut album Hermitage at Southsea Sound, produced by Tim Greaves formerly of You, Me & The Atom Bomb. This is their first release via Lockjaw Records, following a series of self-produced EPs and singles, including 2014’s Delete History, 2016’s Elsewhere and a 2016 split single with Szyslak.

Originally formed in 2013 by guitarists and vocalists Will Pearce and Ollie Richardson, Misgivings are now completed by drummer Rob Day and bassist Martin Spooner. The band have shared stages with bands such as The Menzingers, The Interrupters, Off With Their Heads, Pears, Gnarwolves and ToyGuitar but the main highlights in their career so far have been enthusiastically attended shows in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.


Leatherface, Iron Chic, Hüsker Dü, The Flatliners, Samiam, Jawbreaker, Bad Religion, Off With Their Heads, The Hold Steady, Polar Bear Club


  • Will Pearce – Guitar / Vocals
  • Ollie Richardson – Guitar / Vocals
  • Martin Spooner – Bass
  • Rob Day – Drums


Portsmouth, UK

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What is everybody saying?

“It’s the combination of raw, passionate voices that make this band so special.” – Shout Louder

“There are punk bands the world over who would kill to have a song like this in their catalogue.” – Two Beats Off [on Century from Delete History EP, 2014]

“You will certainly hear passion being guided like a homing missile, there is nothing lack in their music.” – Mention Review [Delete History EP, 2014]

What is everybody saying?

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