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Money Left To Burn are a fantastic, fast skate-punk band from Nuremberg, Germany. They formed back in 2010 with a view to bringing straight uptempo punk rock back their hometown via a route of skateboarding and social criticism.

Former members of The Phony McRing Rings, Nineteen Reasons, Not For Sale and Praena came together to form Money Left To Burn. After several local gigs and the release of “Sucker”, MLTB started to make their name in the European punk scene. In the following years around 200 Shows were played in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Wales, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The band have always been well received in these areas largely down to their beautiful German faces and high energy performances.

In 2018, Lockjaw Records released the Vs split from Money Left To Burn in collaboration with The Affect Heuristic. Previously the band has self-released their first 6-song EP Sucker in 2011 and a split with Gothenburg’s Rebuke in 2015 via Disconnect Disconnect Records in the UK.

Besides rocking stages, MLTB ran an rehearsal room which was transformed into a basement club, where they hosted shows for countless punk bands, including Almeida, Fair Do’s, The Fear, Darko, Rebuke, From The Tracks, Vanilla Pod, Luvdump, Truro, Faintest Idea, Fights And Fires, 5050, No Contest, Dead Neck and NoOpinion… just to name a few. Unfortunately the place was torn down in the end of 2015, but MLTB have since teamed up with the guys at KNRD Fest to keep the punk scene alive in Nuremberg.

Sounds like

MUTE, Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out, No Use For A Name, NoFX, Bad Religion, Darko, Fair Do’s, Rebuke, The Fear, Save The Embers, DTLOT


Nurnberg, DE

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