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As fresh as an ice-cold beer, The Wonder Beers, bring you party punk anthems catchier than the clap… but in a good way. These three lads from Surrey formed the band while on a road trip in Europe, with the aim to party for a living.

Mixing the old school punk rock styles of Sham 69 and The Clash, with Green Day’s catchy 90’s pop punk, and the party attitude of Andrew WK, The Wonder Beers write party punk bangers which are targeted at anyone who needs cheering up, a good sing-a-long, a laugh, and pretty much anyone else.

The Wonder Beers teamed up with Lockjaw Records to release their first full-length album Geezers in 2015. The album sequentially runs through a good old fashioned boozey weekend with your best mates, from start to finish. Kicking off with the song ‘Thursday Is The New Friday’, rolling through to binge drinking shots on Friday, to warnings of ‘Stop Calling Me’ late on Saturday night. The Beers have successfully managed to distil the fun-time vibes of their gigs with the quintessential British weekend down the pub, making this a full-bodied album full of anthems and lots of heart.



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Sham 69, Andrew WK, The Streets, The Clash

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