Join Our Super Sweet Vinyl Club

Let’s set off on new adventures. It’s 2020 and amidst the confusion of Covid-19 we are embarking on a new undertaking to keep spirits high, music flowing and the constant bangover! After a lot of requests, we’ve decided to get wild and proudly introduce our Lockjaw Crew membership. This super sweet vinyl club offers happy […]

Constant Bangover Playlist Revamp May 2020

We’ve given a big refresher to our epic Constant Bangover playlist on Spotify. It’s the ideal way to get fired up before a gig, keep you going in the tour van, or summon the energy to make it through the working week. The playlist is a banging combination of tunes from our Lockjaw Records bands, and songs from some of our favourite contemporary artists.

Trails records get remixed and remastered at Goliath Sound Studios.

Isolation has been somewhat inconvenient in a lot of ways, but on the flip side it has created some time for creativity. Guitarist from Trails (RIP), now producer, Will Duff wanted to get the best out of the last two Trails records that he had previously worked on and has remixed with his new experience. Today the […]

Burnt Tapes Are Back With New Single ‘Greek Wood’

At the tail end of 2019 the Burnt Tapes returned back to the Ranch production house with producer Daly George (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor, Darko) to record a couple of new tracks to bookend their debut album, ‘Never Better’.

A year after the album release, they present their first single ‘Greek Wood’. The track sees the band return on top form, by delivering the listener a healthy dose of what Burnt Tapes do best: Melodic punk rock with lyrics of regret.