Geek Peek: Tim Kramer from Drones

Hey guys. My main axe currently is a variant of the ESP Eclipse series. Traditionally, most guitarists regard those Eclipses to be a super metal version of a Les Paul, but the one I picked up has a cool classic-meets-modern vibe.

I bought it for recording our most recent album Exiled as well as to use it for touring. Being a lefty drastically reduced my options when it came to picking a new guitar; luckily I found this rare model in Florida and had it shipped over. I love the combination of gloss white and gold hardware and it sounds mint!

Geek Peek: Chris Mason from Almeida

I’ve recently gone back to using my McCarty Custom PRS for shows, after favouring a USA Tele for the last few years.

It’s a little unusual for a PRS, as it’s half Gibson. With lightweight tuners, angled neck and headstock and a fixed bridge without individual saddles, giving it a super-warm tone. Oh, and birds up the neck, which I assume makes it sound better. It has more chunks taken out of it than Jesus in Passion of the Christ, and could use a full service and a fret dress, but it’s always been my favourite guitar and been used for almost everything I’ve recorded for Almeida.

Geek Peek: JP and Max from Fullcount

Other than my 2002 Gibson SG Standard that I’ve been using for the last 13 years, it almost always felt impossible for any other guitars to feel right in my hands. For any reason, it seems like I always slip back into my old comfy shoes. For that reason, the few other guitars that I own suffer from severe lack of love (actually exchanging embarrassing eye contact with my Gibson Nighthawk…).

Wolfrik Join The Lockjaw Crew

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Lockjaw Records roster: Canadian melodic thrash whirlwind Wolfrik.

All the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Wolfrik deliver an irresistible concoction of punk, metal and thrash. Complex yet catchy, melodic yet heavy: this band is nothing short of a good time. They’ll tear through your town and leave you begging for more.

Manchester Punk Festival Announce First Wave Of Bands

MPF big news! ”We are proper buzzing to make the first band announcements for #MPF2019. San Francisco punk rockers Dead To Me are joining the party, you asked for them so they came. Heavy as f*ck crust masters DOOM are coming to ruin your life and we have a rare Manchester appearance from UK ska punk legends King Prawn. Lovely […]

Drones join Haggard Cat, Bitch Falcon and InTechnicolour on ‘About To Break Tour’.

Drones are joining this epic tour with Haggard Cat, Bitch Falcon and InTechnicolour make sure you get to a show. The dates in full read: October 31 Undertone, Cardiff [Tickets] November 1 Mother’s Ruin, Bristol +& [Tickets] 2 Electric, Brighton +& [Tickets] 3 Boston Music Rooms, London +& [Tickets] 4 The Horn, St. Albans +& [Tickets] 5 Bodega, Nottingham & [Tickets] […]

Misgivings Join The Lockjaw Crew

We are proud to announce that Misgivings will be joining the Lockjaw Records roster to release their debut album Hermitage.

Portsmouth’s Misgivings are a powerhouse of gruff melodic punk rock that will wrap you in riffs and tug at your heartstrings. Combining the hooks of The Flatliners and the rasp of Leatherface with the gut-wrenching power of Iron Chic, Misgivings bring emotion alive with every intricately constructed song.