We’ve Revamped Our Constant Bangover Spotify Playlist

We’ve given a big refresher to our epic Constant Bangover playlist on Spotify. It’s the ideal way to get fired up before a gig, keep you going in the tour van, or summon the energy to make it through the working week. The playlist is a banging combination of tunes from our Lockjaw Records bands, […]

Fights & Fires’ Hot Sauce Is Good On Everything

Worcester rockers Fights & Fires have recently launched their own Kebaptism hot sauce, along with a digital EP that you can download when you grab a bottle. As a bold team of spice explorers, at Lockjaw Records we have decided to prove that Kebaptism sauce works on everything. Stuffed with jalapenos, coriander and lime, Kebaptism is […]

Lockjaw Team Update: May

The most rewarding thing about this thriving music scene that we’re a part of is meeting people who share our enthusiasm for all things live and loud. So that you can come and grab us for a chat, we thought we ought to tell you where we are!We’ll be bringing you a monthly update from the Lockjaw Team with our recommendations, tribulations and gig schedules. Gig and festival season is in full swing, giving us a lot to talk about!

Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Filo from Edward In Venice

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do? Hi, my name is Filo and I love biking every single day. SHUT UP LEGS! What’s your favourite of the Lockjaw gigs you’ve played? What’s your favourite Lockjaw Records release? Trails from Despite Everything. What makes that record so special for you? I’ve listened so […]

Lockjaw Coffee Compilation: 30 Caffeine-Fuelled Punk Rock Songs

Discover your new fast-punk favourites on Lockjaw’s latest compilation, available exclusively with our Lockjaw Coffee Here at Lockjaw Records HQ, the only thing we love more than coffee is punk rock. Caffeine give us the jolt we need to work hard and play harder – it keeps us going through festivals, gigs and long-ass journeys […]