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Freshly signed to Lockjaw Recordsborts are getting to business and have released the imaginatively titled, EP1, featuring the single The Nurse. 

 Produced by Lewis Johns (Muncie Girls, Gnarwolves), the track is an ode about self-loathing and love liking, beer drinking and collar bone breaking.  

 “‘The Nurse’ was actually written about the nurse that looked after Tom when he broke his collarbone by backflipping (half naked, of course) on Bournemouth beach after a NOFX show, no less.”, guitarist, Dom, explains.  

 This fun anthemic listen got the band searching for creative solutions in the studio. “It’s a song that Tom has had knocking about for a while, and has gone through several iterations before we settled on this sound for the version we recorded. It’s the only tune on the album that uses an acoustic, and when we were recording it, we dived head-first into creating a tune that highlighted the contradiction between the acoustic, honky-tonk first half and the full-on second half. We just kept saying honky-tonk to Lewis and we got there eventually. And it has a glockenspiel in it.” 

“Catchier than COVID“… “They write huge punk anthems”… “impossibly good”

Kerrang! Radio, Alex Baker 

“Impressive, unexpected and unpredictable”

The Punk Site

“One hell of a whopping impact”

Small Music Scene


borts, are a 3-piece punk band from the South West of England, formed out of long standing friendships and a mutual love for music, films, games, and good chilled out hangs.  

They’ve been involved with other bands (Your DemiseTireless & more), and have decided to come back by recording an EP, and now album. 

 borts have been produced by Lewis Johns (Palm Reader, Muncie Girls, Gnarwolves) at The Ranch, which we’re happy to say sounds pretty fresh!  

They’ve been picking some airplay on the BBC1 Rock Show and are Kerrang! Radio’s Fresh Blood pick.