Burnt Tapes release new single Getitgotitgood with preorders for upcoming EP

Getitgotitgood is the second single that will feature in Burnt Tapes upcoming emotionally reflective and environmentally focussed EP, Grower.

Instead of releasing their upcoming EP on a CD or vinyl record, the 4 tracks will be available alongside a small Beech tree that can be planted, in efforts to help the local environment and climate change.

As guitarist, Phil, explains: “We wanted to do something a little different, more sustainable and planet-friendly. Something you can plant and nurture, and watch grow. Don’t get me wrong, we love a good band t-shirt! But we need more green spaces in order to tackle the climate emergency, and hopefully, we can raise more awareness about this through this initiative. And most of all provide you with some wholesome family fun”.

The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Luigi Sibona, filmed at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston.

Grower will be out on September 4th, preorder your Beech now