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Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Tom West from Almeida

They’re a bit like if a robot had a root around in my brain and designed a band based on the bands I listen to most. Technical, progressive, but still retaining that melodic hardcore edge.

Geek Peek: Chris Mason from Almeida

I’ve recently gone back to using my McCarty Custom PRS for shows, after favouring a USA Tele for the last few years.

It’s a little unusual for a PRS, as it’s half Gibson. With lightweight tuners, angled neck and headstock and a fixed bridge without individual saddles, giving it a super-warm tone. Oh, and birds up the neck, which I assume makes it sound better. It has more chunks taken out of it than Jesus in Passion of the Christ, and could use a full service and a fret dress, but it’s always been my favourite guitar and been used for almost everything I’ve recorded for Almeida.