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Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Mitchell from Drones

We asked Mitchell Thomas from Drones (one of the longest-serving Lockjaw bands) what his favourite Lockjaw Records release is. He went with an absolute classic. Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do? I’m Mitchell, I batter the skins for Drones and generally hang around looking handsome and sweaty. What’s your favourite of […]

Lockjaw Coffee Compilation: 30 Caffeine-Fuelled Punk Rock Songs

Discover your new fast-punk favourites on Lockjaw’s latest compilation, available exclusively with our Lockjaw Coffee Here at Lockjaw Records HQ, the only thing we love more than coffee is punk rock. Caffeine give us the jolt we need to work hard and play harder – it keeps us going through festivals, gigs and long-ass journeys […]

Geek Peek: Greg Legarand from Bare Teeth

I used to have two main axes: a full mahogany Navigator Les Paul Custom and a Stratocaster-like Blade RH-4. Both of them have been used and abused and heavily modified. Both are fitted with Bareknuckle Nailbomb bridge pickups. I used to play the Les Paul live, and play the RH-4 in studio.

Geek Peek: Rob King from Drones

I have always been a fan of super simple rigs. I run a Les Paul Junior into a 1981 Marshall JMP 50w (2204) via an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer and a Korg Pitchblack tuner, that is it. I’ve had my Jr from new and made a couple of changes. I prefer the fatter sound of the USA P90 to the H90 that ships with the Billie Joe model, so this has been changed. I have also swapped the scratch plate to tortoise shell instead of black, because rock n roll.

Geek Peek: Tim Kramer from Drones

Hey guys. My main axe currently is a variant of the ESP Eclipse series. Traditionally, most guitarists regard those Eclipses to be a super metal version of a Les Paul, but the one I picked up has a cool classic-meets-modern vibe.

I bought it for recording our most recent album Exiled as well as to use it for touring. Being a lefty drastically reduced my options when it came to picking a new guitar; luckily I found this rare model in Florida and had it shipped over. I love the combination of gloss white and gold hardware and it sounds mint!

Drones join Haggard Cat, Bitch Falcon and InTechnicolour on ‘About To Break Tour’.

Drones are joining this epic tour with Haggard Cat, Bitch Falcon and InTechnicolour make sure you get to a show. The dates in full read: October 31 Undertone, Cardiff [Tickets] November 1 Mother’s Ruin, Bristol +& [Tickets] 2 Electric, Brighton +& [Tickets] 3 Boston Music Rooms, London +& [Tickets] 4 The Horn, St. Albans +& [Tickets] 5 Bodega, Nottingham & [Tickets] […]

DRONES New album ‘Exiled’ set for release 9th March

Plus Manchester Punk Festival & EU Tour Dates lined up   London-based Drones’ new album ‘Exiled’ is set for release via Lockjaw Records on 9th March, 2018. Produced by Drones guitarist Tim Kramer at Signal House Studios, ‘Exiled’ is the first full length from Drones to feature the current line-up. It’s vocalist Lois McDougall’s first record […]

Drones Reveal ‘Rorschach’ Single and Video

London-based Drones have revealed another glimpse of their new direction in the rock-fuelled fury of ‘Roschach’, which is released today along with a new music video. ‘Rorschach’ “was written as a slap in the face to those of us who ‘suffer’ from so-called ‘first world problems’,” explains vocalist Lois McDougall. “We have freedoms that others […]