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Lockjaw Coffee Compilation: 30 Caffeine-Fuelled Punk Rock Songs

Discover your new fast-punk favourites on Lockjaw’s latest compilation, available exclusively with our Lockjaw Coffee Here at Lockjaw Records HQ, the only thing we love more than coffee is punk rock. Caffeine give us the jolt we need to work hard and play harder – it keeps us going through festivals, gigs and long-ass journeys […]

Geek Peek – Petter from Rebuke

Axe of choice would be quite an overstatement; guitar of fiery in-store infatuation and losing a bet is more accurate. Us scandis (meaning Rebuke and our on-again off-again road wives in Forever Unclean) have an ongoing, risky game of “what are the odds” that resulted in me buying this guitar on the day of a show in Hamburg (at the lovely Booze Cruise festival, go there if you haven’t already).