Constant Bangover Playlist Update March 2020

Each month we update our epic Constant Bangover playlist on Spotify. It’s the ideal way to get fired up before a gig, keep you going in the tour van, or summon the energy to make it through the working week.

The playlist is a banging combination of tunes from our Lockjaw Records bands, and songs from some of our favourite contemporary artists.

New this month:

  • PMX – Curtain Call
  • Wild Tales – Summer
  • Hightime – Quit Ya Job
  • THICK – Mansplain
  • Main Line 10 – Satellites
  • F.O.D. – Feeling Gay
  • Debt Cemetary – Stolen Pens Write Faster
  • Eastwood – Rhythm
  • Soy Milk Boy – Puke
  • March – Start Again
  • Satyr – Apogee
  • Toodles & The Hectic Pity – Ducks