Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Mitchell from Drones

We asked Mitchell Thomas from Drones (one of the longest-serving Lockjaw bands) what his favourite Lockjaw Records release is. He went with an absolute classic.

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Mitchell, I batter the skins for Drones and generally hang around looking handsome and sweaty.

What’s your favourite of the Lockjaw gigs you’ve played?

The one where Darko drummer Borg asked if he can borrow my crash cymbal. So all of them!

I’m sure there was one where Egos At The Door’s Ed got butt naked as well but, again, that doesn’t narrow it down much. Guildford? Blackburn? Kingston? Too many shows…

What’s your favourite Lockjaw Records release? 

I’d have to say Darko’s Sea of Trees EP!

What makes See Of Trees so special for you?

Drones discovered Darko in around 2010, and that’s how we linked up with Lockjaw Records, so Darko have always been close to my heart. This particular record chimes with me in particular because it was around a time we first toured Europe, and we played it non-stop in the van. It brings back so many memories. Plus it’s a banger in its own right.

If you could steal one part of Sea Of Trees and pretend you’d written it yourself, which bit would you choose?

The choruses and middle eight to Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts. It’s got that paradox of super positive energy with a minor vibe about it that’s really difficult to pull off.

What was it that first got you into this record?

Heavy drinking.

What’s your favourite thing about seeing Darko live?

It’s like watching a really, really good band on fast forward on an old VHS tape. Plus watching Karl rapping in the encore. 

Any memorable moments with Sea of Trees?

The chant at the end of Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts. So brilliantly communal and haunting at the same time. 

If we only have time to listen to one track, which would you recommend and why?

Atlas to Atlantis. Brilliant from start to finish. But to really appreciate the track you need to grow a really impressive beard and stroke it constantly whilst headbanging, listening to it on a gramophone at your Nan’s with a cup of tea in her special crockery. Extra points if you got to your Nan’s in a Mercedes.