Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Ivan from Edward In Venice

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Ivan (aka Manolo) and I play guitar in Edward In Venice.

What’s your favourite of the Lockjaw gigs you’ve played?

My first gig in UK at The Star Inn in Guildford was a great one!

What’s your favourite Lockjaw Records release?

Trails by Despite Everything! Also Misgivings last record Hermitage has been a frequent listen in the last weeks.

What makes that record so special for you?

Despite Everything was first band I toured with in my life (outside Italy) during spring 2017, and when I listen to that album so many good memories come to my mind!

If we only have time to listen to one track, which would you recommend and why?

I really love Dead Weight, it makes me sing loudly and when Orestis starts singing after the first verses you only have one thing to do: sing along and mess up everything!

What’s your favourite thing about seeing this band live?   

It does not matter if they play in a squat or in the biggest punk rock festival in Europe, they always give their best!

Edward In Venice released a new album “empathy” via Lockjaw Records. You can find it here: “empathy” by Edward In Venice