Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Sam from Wild Tales

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Hey! I’m Sam and I play drums and swoon BVs in Wild Tales.

What’s your favourite of the Lockjaw gigs you’ve played?

The all dayer at the Boileroom in Guildford last year in February was definitely a gig, probably Lockjaw, and I almost definitely hit things whilst attending. I think it was an all dayer to celebrate no one in Darko being dead yet or something like that. 

Wild Tales were happy to be invited to play and bring our twiddly pop rock delicacies to the punk rock peepers. Fair Do’s played without a bassist and still smashed it. To be fair, there’s so little bass allowed at the Boileroom that you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference anyway.

What’s your favourite Lockjaw Records release? 

I’m gonna go with Egos at The Door Blankets of Denial because it’s an onslaught of abrasion that makes you feel like you’re having a serious punk-induced seizure, but it turns out you’re just choosing to listen to Ed Hall. Weird the things people do. Also I was told I couldn’t pick Darko. If I could have picked Darko, Sea of Trees would have been at least in my top 10.

What makes that record so special for you?

I have fond memories of listening to it in the van on tour, and wondering how many tracks we’ll get through before someone puts on AerosmithDon’t Wanna Miss a Thing, or throws up out the window, either in disgust or just for shits.

If we only have time to listen to one track, which would you recommend and why?

I can’t believe you just made me listen to them! If I was to pick one track.. I’m gonna go with Polar Perspective II from their other self titled release! It’s got that killer end riff, and the cool middle beat Robert Downy bit.

What’s your favourite thing about seeing this band live?

Male nudity. Live seizures. Long live Egos at the Door. Fuck Egos at the Door.