Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Pete from The Wonder Beers

We asked Pete Gwilt from The Wonder Beers what his favourite Lockjaw Records release is. He went for one of our top albums of 2017.

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi! My name is Pete and I play guitar and sing in a band called The Wonder Beers.

What’s your favourite of the Lockjaw gigs you’ve played? 

Does KNRD Fest count? Opening the festival was an amazing experience and it was an honor to play with so many talented bands. 

What’s your favourite Lockjaw Records release? 

Darko’s Bonsai Mammoth.

What makes that record so special for you?

The production and musicianship is incredible. 

If you could steal one part of this record and pretend you’d written it yourself, which bit would you choose? 

The riff at the start of I Knew I Should Have Taken That Left Turn at Albuquerque.

What was it that first got you into this record?

I remember the hype going round the scene before the record was released. Hearing teasers and seeing new songs played at shows.

What’s your favourite thing about seeing this band live? 

The energy! The Darko lads give it 110% at every show. 

Any memorable moments with this record? 

I won a vinyl copy of Bonsai Mammoth at a Pizza Party gig. I’d never won a raffle before, and was really pleased with my prize! 

If we only have time to listen to one track, which would you recommend and why? 

That’s a really tough question because Bonsai Mammoth has so many great songs…

Just a Short Line because it’s a complete banger from start to finish. Epic sing along moments and crazy guitar riffs. It’s 2 min 36 seconds of pure energy in the best possible way.