Diggin’ Thru The Lockbox with Will from Misgivings

We asked Will Pearce from Misgivings and Sombulance (one of the few people who’s not in one but two Lockjaw bands) what his favourite Lockjaw Records release and shows have been.

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Will, the singing and guitar playing guy in Misgivings.

What’s your favourite of the Lockjaw gigs you’ve played?

We played a show for Arrowfest at Hastings. It was a great show which was our first time hanging out with Lockjaw people in a while. I had some typical equipment trouble which meant our set got cut short but I had a great time being noisy and loud. 

Another contender was Punkle Fester at The Talking Heads with Fair Do’s, Darko and Almeida. That was our last show with Joe on bass, where we played Hermitage from start to finish just after we’d recorded it. I also did a set with Sombulance that night just on vocals, as Dean wasn’t around. I might have even done a microphone twirl. 

What’s your favourite Lockjaw Records release? 

I’m going for my Hampshire village buddies Almeida’s Social Media Circus released back in 2015. 

What makes Social Media Circus so special for you?

As mentioned, I’m from the same little town (Stubbington) as Tom West, Chris Mason and Marc Morey. They were crucially a big part of me starting to play music in bands as a weird teenager. I was three years younger than them. One particular highlight of that period was Westy meeting me in Stubbington village in the pouring rain to lend me The Art of Drowning by AFI. I always get a kick out of seeing them do their thing and keeping at it, achieving great things.

Musically, I feel like it was a step up from the previous Almeida record Fantastic Massacre and somehow manages to be more melody driven yet wilder, weirder and more experimental which is always good in my books. I read a review where they were compared to Frank Zappa. Crazy. Production sounds great too, and the rhythm section really shines throughout.

If we only have time to listen to one track, which would you recommend and why?

I’m going with Creed for this one, it kinda feels like the complete Almeida track. Perhaps Fantastic Massacre is an obvious choice for a complete song but this is a contender for that. Great performance all around, particularly enjoy the range that Tom gets into vocally towards the end of the song. 

If you could steal one part of Social Media Circus and pretend you’d written it yourself, which bit would you choose?

The ‘all the best’ at the end of Payday. I love it when bands create their own mythologies – if you get what I mean – by including in-jokes and references in their songs. It’s hard to do in a way that connects with others and maybe only comes from having a bond of growing up in a little town and playing music together for decades. 

Also the backing vocals in A Book of Endless Pages are crazy. If you ever see them live, backing vocals are a big part of the story for Almeida, not just Chris managing to coordinate his relentless, uncompromising guitar style, but Marc on drums chipping in too without missing a beat.

So there is a photo floating around the internet somewhere of Westy and I circa 2004-05 where he’s wearing a viking hat and I’m wearing a fucking fedora, I am not even joking. But I can’t find it, so here’s a photo of us at Groezrock in 2013 in the dance tent. I’m not sure this is even less embarrassing than the fedora photo.