New Edward In Venice Album ‘empathy’ Out Now!

Empathy is the fresh new EP from Italian melodic hardcore band Edward In Venice. The album will be available on CD in digital stores on the 26 April 2019. The band will also be releasing the single High Tide as a preview of the album.

“There was no deadline for this record,” explains singer, Filo Greganti. “There was no rush, which permitted us to cure every single little thing in the music, artwork and videos… with the support of Lockjaw Records.”

Edward In Venice come from Pesaro, Italy. The band’s sound crosses a variety of screaming fast melodic hardcore, with catchy melodies and a pinch of pop punk/emo thrown in to spice things up. They’ve been playing explosive, shout-along hardcore since 2011; a band with their fingers firmly on the Italian punk pulse.

They’ve completed several self-booked tours around mainland Europe, plus jaunts to the UK, Canada and Japan. They’ve supported incredible acts like Descendents, Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream and Millencolin, as well as appearances at festivals like Groezrock, Punk Rock Holiday and Manchester Punk Festival.

Making The Record

Edward In Venice have welcomed new guitarist Ivan Maioli to the band, who brought his own accent into the chaotic melodies that Edward In Venice is known for. This new addition, and a chilled and conscious approach to writing has enabled them to create a well-designed release.

Recording the EP was a collaborative affair, with the band working with to several producers to help record and engineer the album. The band recorded all the guitars themselves, while Riccardo Pasini from Studio73 in Ravenna, Italy, recorded the drums and Brendan Paolini recorded the vocals. Neil Kennedy from Ranch Studios was at the helm, producing, mixing and mastering the record.

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Track List

  1. The Deserter
  2. High Tide
  3. Spark The Philly
  4. Manolo Riddim
  5. Pipe Dream
  6. Blue Whale
  7. Vaporeon

Edward In Venice – ‘High Tide’

The first single, High Tide is the track that they hope to transition fans from their last release. “It’s the point of connection and a very good compromise to bring our listeners from Howler to empathy. We consider High Tide a really catchy and one of the slower mid-tempo Edward’s song from all the time, so it’s going to give a new kind of impact,” Filo says. “High Tide came out in an easier way, probably the fastest song ever wrote”.

High Tide is just one element of this 6-track release, made up varying motions, shades and shapes, yet all distinctly Edward in Venice. The band have further matured their soaring sonics, hooks and interesting vocal and instrumental cadences. Edward In Venice seem to make the more visceral elements catchier and artistically hold tension when compared to scene counterparts.