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Fair Do's' beastly debut album is out now!

Manchester’s melodic hardcore masters, Fair Do’s, have unleashed their highly-anticipated debut album ‘Leopards’ upon the world!

The album is an adrenaline-loaded collision of hardcore punk and metal, rooted in tight, technical talent, reflecting their explosive live show. Fair Do’s have spent their formative years hammering their distinctive fast-punk style home, however they’ve also invested considerable time honing their metal chops, evident in their heavier rhythms, riffs and plentiful beat-downs.

‘Leopards’ promises 10 tracks of fast, metal-infused melodic hardcore with a political focus, ideal for fans of Strung Out, Propagandhi and Death by Stereo.

What the press says about the new Fair Do's album

“Hostile Company feels like a crouching tiger coiled and waiting to attack and tear you apart with its structured riffs and melodies. 10 songs of crushing and uncompromising technical and fast melodic hardcore punk with smart, political lyrics. – 9/10.”

“Brian from Pears says that musically they’re one of the best bands they’ve ever played with and, given that they sound like Protest The Hero covering Propagandhi songs, it’s hard to argue with him.”

“Fair Do’s blend skate punk with heavy metal better than many other bands in the genre, every heavy beatdown is ridiculously fun.”
Shout Louder

“Fair Do’s have released a debut album that leaves you in a state of shock and awe, the technical elements of their sound are at times jaw dropping but this is coupled with the rage and political focus of hardcore to produce an impressive and long overdue debut full length.”
The Punk Site

“Closing In is just one of those tracks that you go in to with little or even zero expectations only to be wowed by the end of it.”
Kill Your Stereo

“Dave and Danny’s guitar playing is like a feast for the ears.”
Underdog Fanzine

Fair Do's

Formed in 2008, Fair Do’s have established a following of dedicated fans around Europe, playing with legends like After The Fall, A Wilhelm Scream, Frenzal Rhomb and H20. Driven by a strong DIY ethos and riding on the success of their shred-heavy EP ‘Trying Times’, the new album captures the energy and technical prowess of their explosive live show.

The band’s Mancunian roots shine through in their songwriting and their sardonic humour. ‘Leopards’ addresses politically-charged topics like wealth distribution, foreign policy and the monarchy, but the band maintain their Northern wit with references to Noel Edmonds and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Recorded with Dave Boothroyd (The Fear, Larrakia) at Reel Recording Studio, ‘Leopards’ also embodies the clean, technical skate-punk sound you love.

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