Fights & Fires’ Hot Sauce Is Good On Everything

Worcester rockers Fights & Fires have recently launched their own Kebaptism hot sauce, along with a digital EP that you can download when you grab a bottle. As a bold team of spice explorers, at Lockjaw Records we have decided to prove that Kebaptism sauce works on everything.

Stuffed with jalapenos, coriander and lime, Kebaptism is more flavoursome than fiery. In the name of science, our Lesley-Anne has so far found that Kebaptism improves all of the following:

  • Veggie bagel burger
  • Veggie finger wraps
  • Tacos
  • Omelette
  • Nachos
  • Sweet potato wedges
  • Prevailing sense of sadness

But that’s not enough! On a recent team jolly in Belgium, we slathered it on salad, on pizza, on bread, on pasta and even on slices of apple. Everything it touched became even tastier.

What won’t Kepaptism work with, you ask? Well, we thought that ice cream might be its undoing… however much to our surprise it significantly improved the vegan Magnums we poured it on. Sure it’s a hot day, but you can always add hot sauce.

Obviously, the music’s the most important thing… and we can assure you that Fights & Fires have knocked it out of the park with the accompanying EP. Their latest single I Want Napalm Death Played At My Funeral is fun, fast and full of rock n roll spirit.

Our team of intrepid flavour explorers will continue to test Kebaptism at every opportunity, but it’s already exceeded all expectations. What do you want us to try it on?

Want to try Kebaptism for yourself? You can grab a bottle right here.

Fun fact: Kebaptism is the second Lockjaw-related hot sauce, following The Affect Heuristic’s Bernie Bumhole spicer in 2018. What other tasty treats should we be making?