Geek Peek: Greg Legarand from Bare Teeth

NAME: Greg Legarand

GUITAR: Bacchus Surf II

I used to have two main axes: a full mahogany Navigator Les Paul Custom and a Stratocaster-like Blade RH-4. Both of them have been used and abused and heavily modified. Both are fitted with Bareknuckle Nailbomb bridge pickups. I used to play the Les Paul live, and play the RH-4 in studio.

I now play with a Bacchus Surf II and it brings me the best of both worlds: the JazzMaster shape and lighter body are super comfortable, and the tune-o-matic bridge don’t make me feel lost compared to my Les Pauls. We all play on Bacchus instruments in the band and we are super happy with them. I had the opportunity to visit the Japanese factory in 2015 and, trust me, these instruments are truly made with love and dedication, by hand without any automated process. Shame that I ruined the finish of my guitar after two shows…

I fitted my axe with Hathor pickups (8Bucker in bridge position and PAF Classic in neck position). Hathor pickups are made in Poland and they are killer. Speaking for the 8Bucker, it has about 18k ohms of DC resistance but doesn’t sound muddy at all. It has a nice midrange tone and a lot of dynamics. I love playing with high output bridge pickups combined with hi-gauge strings, because you don’t have to crank up the amp’s gain and you get a clearer tone with a lot of punch. Speaking about strings and tuning, I use GHS 14-58 strings and tune my guitars in D.

Regarding amps, we all play on Taurus Amps. They do killer amp heads that fit onto pedalboards, called “Stompheads”. It’s a true guitar amp with some tube technology, no emulation. I use a SH3-CL, that features a boost, and Titouan uses a SH2-CL. I plug mine into a ISP Decimator, a modified Boss GE-7 equalizer, a Joyo Delay minipedal, a Boss TU-3 tuner and a Boss LS-2 for having a volume boost and switch on the Joyo Delay at the same time. I also use a Line6 G30 wireless system.

All my rig fit into a 25cm x 50cm pedalboard. It’s very compact and I can travel with my stuff anywhere in the world and keep my own sound… not that I have a very unique sound, but I still have nightmares from the night I had to play on Pocket Pod plugged into a Roland Jazz Chorus in Japan, haha!

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