Geek Peek: Marshall from Money Left To Burn / Fat Religion

NAME: Marshall Left To Burn

GUITAR: MusicMan S.U.B. 1 Guitar HH

My weapon of choice is a MusicMan S.U.B. 1 Guitar HH emergenza special edition, some friends of mine won back in the days while taking part in a band contest (around 2006). Neither of them wanted to play it, so I got it stupidly cheap…lucky Marshall!!!

It originally was stocked with 2 humbuckers, but I made some changes over the years.

I normally only use the bridge pick up, so I get rid of the neck pick up, the volume pot for the neck p.u. and the toggle switch as well. The original bridge pick up was exchanged to a Seymour Duncan SH4 by Nurembergs finest guitar shop, BTM Guitars.

I also changed the original pick guard, to a customized one (obviously, ’cause I now only got 1 p.u.) in a black pearl finish, made by “Der Trashcontainer “, located in Berlin.

Over the years, the painted neck was a little bummer playing live, so I sanded it to plain wood, what is giving me a better feeling, when shows get sweaty…

I use 9-46 D’Addario strings, because they are way more reliable than Ernie Balls and still have a decent sound.

My “amp” is a Kemper Profiling Amp, my current profiles are a EVH 5150 for rhythm parts and a Bogner Shiva for lead shit…

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