Geek Peek: Pete Gwilt of The Wonderbeers

NAME: Pete Gwilt

GUITAR: Squire Strat

I’ve only ever used one guitar for The Wonder Beers – my faithful old Squire Stratocaster.

When we started the band in 2012 I had an Ibanez AX – great guitar, just not right for the punk sound we were going for so I started looking for other options. I asked around a bunch of mates if anyone had anything lying around that they weren’t using and didn’t mind me borrowing on a long term basis.

Luckily, my mate Pete had the Squire sitting under his bed not doing much. He only used it when he started learning and had since purchased a couple more guitars . He gave me the guitar for free as he didn’t play it anymore and I’ve used it ever since.

Everything is stock, and I don’t mind chucking it around because it wouldn’t be too expensive to replace. The strap clip is busted at the back so I tied a knot (mid show) and it’s been like that now for about 3 years. The Squire had been coated in beer, cider, rum, whiskey, mud and has been rained on several times. Somehow, everything still works – the pots are a little crunchy but that’s about it. I’ve always said I’ll get a tele when it breaks… but it hasn’t yet.

It’s an old banged up guitar that’s served me and the band for years, and I love it.

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