Geek Peek: Rob King from Drones

NAME: Rob King

GUITAR: 2008 Gibson Les Paul Junior ‘Billie Joe Armstrong’ – Classic White

I have always been a fan of super simple rigs. I run a Les Paul Junior into a 1981 Marshall JMP 50w (2204) via an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer and a Korg Pitchblack tuner, that is it. I’ve had my Jr from new and made a couple of changes. I prefer the fatter sound of the USA P90 to the H90 that ships with the Billie Joe model, so this has been changed. I have also swapped the scratch plate to tortoise shell instead of black, because rock n roll.

My Marshall JMP is housed in a custom Zilla Amps head box that was made to 1981 Marshall specs with addition of the cooling vent to top, typically only found on 100w versions. I was using a 1993 JCM900 4100 until last year when the JMP took over. My cab is a stock 2011 Marshall 1936 2X12.

I play Rotosound Red strings with Dunlop .73 picks. Always liked the feel of the .73, allowing you to dig in when necessary but not snag when playing hard. My wireless is the Line 6 G30. The fact it’s digital eliminates the risk of interference and the super lightweight pack doesn’t hinder my movement on stage.

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