Geek Peek: Ryan Price from Fights & Fires

NAME: Ryan Price

GUITAR: Gibson Les Paul special, double cut

I’d always loved Les Paul double cuts. In the early 2000s when everyone was playing PRSs, the Les Paul standard double cut was a cheaper alternative (still about £1000+ but still a cheaper alternative).

I’d heard Gibson were putting out yellow double cuts for super cheap, so I saved up and got one! I loved the matt finish, it made it easier to play! The budget also meant that it had crap paint, which wears away easily, which is why it now looks older than it is!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. In 2008 while on tour in Scotland, I attempted the infamous guitar flip – the strap lock ripped out the body and the guitar when flying and snapped in half! Luckily, it was a clean break and my guy had no problem putting it back together. A setup later it was studio ready.

I’d already received a lot of compliments on my sound, but then in 2013 gunk and crap had messed up the original stock P90 pickups, so they needed replacements. I’d looked at getting Gibson stocks again or Seymour Duncans, but a lot of people had told me about Bareknuckle pickups. I emailed Tim at BKP and got a response right back with advice! I went for a set of supermassive 90s. Holy cow! I’d always loved the tone, but the Bareknuckles brought the guitar to life!

It’s got so much life that I’m planning to put a set into my other live guitar, which is a Squier Telecaster Master’s Series, which currently has EMGs (I was 19 when I got it! I had to be metal AF!).

My amp journey started in 2001 when I saw a band called Captain Everything. The guitarist’s tone blew my 15 year old mind away, so I started saving. I got a crappy weekend job in 2003, then six months later I brought my Marshall JCM2000 DSL. I believe this amp is the most underrated rated of all the Marshalls – everyone loves the JCM800, but the 900 people either love or hate. People seem to turn their nose up at the 2000, but have a go on mine. It will blow you face off. Granted, in 2006 I switched to using groove tubes (valves that are typically found in old Fenders) but they work great in my amp.

Overall, I love the sound I have. Apart from a few tweaks, I have no plans to change any major parts of the rig. It compliments my playing style. The harder I play, the better it sounds.

Worcester-based punk rock quartet Fights and Fires are are a band that pride themselves on having fun and truly enjoying themselves, whilst delivering chaotic, passionate rock-and-roll-inspired hardcore shows.

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