Geek Peek Special: Edward in Venice

New guitarist and new record

Edward In Venice have welcomed new guitarist Ivan Maioli to the band, who brought his own accent into the chaotic melodies that Edward In Venice is known for. This new addition and a relaxed and conscious approach to writing has enabled them to create a well-designed release: Empathy.


Name: Ivan Maioli

Instrument: Guitar

Hi I’m Ivan from Edward In Venice, the guitar I’ve been using since 2017 is a Mexican Deluxe Telecaster totally modified. I put a Seymour Duncan “Little 59” mini hb which has a really high output and a very ignorant sound. Bridge, internal circuits and mechanics have all been replaced. On this I use Ernie Ball strings (10-52), my favourite strings for ten years at least.

My amp choice is a Mesa Boogie Mark V, 25 watts version, two-channel head with which I get both a very crystalline and clean tone and a lovely hi gain sound (TelexMesa wins!). Boogie amps has been my dream since I was very young and now I’m so happy with this one.  

I also use two delays pedals, one set with a short feedback to give depth to my sound and another tap delay to get right timing on the track. Lastly, in my pedalboard is a MXR Phase 90, which I often use in clean parts, a  Visual Sound “808 style” OD to boost when I need to increase my signal and a Boss Chromatic Tuner. All of this is powered by a Gator G Bus 8 that works very well and eliminates underlying buzzes.

About Edward In Venice

Edward in Venice are from Pesaro, Italy. They’ve been playing explosive, shout-along hardcore since 2011; new EP ‘empathy’ is their fourth release together. The band’s sound is quintessential screaming-fast melodic hardcore, with catchy melodies and a pinch of pop punk/emo thrown in.

Since forming in 2011, Edward In Venice have completed several self-booked tours around mainland Europe, plus jaunts to the UK, Canada and Japan. They’ve supported incredible acts like Descendents, Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream and Millencolin, as well as appearances at festivals like Groezrock, Punk Rock Holiday and Manchester Punk Festival.

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