Geek Peek: Tim Kramer from Drones

NAME: Tim Kramer

GUITAR: ESP Eclipse EC1000T in gloss white

Hey guys. My main axe currently is a variant of the ESP Eclipse series. Traditionally, most guitarists regard those Eclipses to be a super metal version of a Les Paul, but the one I picked up has a cool classic-meets-modern vibe.

I bought it for recording our most recent album Exiled as well as to use it for touring. Being a lefty drastically reduced my options when it came to picking a new guitar; luckily I found this rare model in Florida and had it shipped over. I love the combination of gloss white and gold hardware and it sounds mint!

I recently modded it with one of the new Bareknuckle Boot Camp series pickups which replaced the stock Seymour Duncan’s. The Seymours sounded ace, but a bit too mid-forward. The new Bareknuckles are super smooth sounding and pretty high output.

I use this through my Marshall JVM410h & Zilla Super-Fatboy with a drive pedal in-front acting as a clean boost. String wise I’m using the ever-awesome Rotosound strings 11-52. They’re great, tone lasts ages and comes with a spare high E which is super useful.

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