Geek Peek: Will Pearce of Misgivings and Sombulance

NAME: Will Pearce

GUITAR: Fender Parts Stratocaster

For my axe of choice, I’m gonna talk about my ‘Partscaster’ that my friend Pete Darwent at Darwent Guitar Works helped me to build as a summer project, with some assistance and patience from my buddy Ryan Firth too! A shout out to those guys.

I always played Gibson/Epiphone style guitars but Rob of Misgivings always told me that I should play a Fender, for reasons best known to him. After buying some replacement parts for another guitar him and I were restoring, I became fixated on building this Strat with a mix of Fender official parts and other bits that I found on the web, so I can’t sell this on even if I wanted to.

The neck is a Fender Deluxe 70’s style with a big headstock which gets in the way of everyone else on stage. The body is alder with a British Racing Car Green finish, according to people, and I added the Lace Sensors that were in the old Strat Plus models; the Hot Gold variety that sound a bit like P90’s which are just the right amount of ‘lairy’ for me with lots of note clarity to!

Played through normally an MXR Distortion+ and an EHX Soul Food amongst other pedals and an Egnater Tweaker head.

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