Hidden Gems – December 2018

Every month, the Lockjaw Crew will be sharing our hidden gems from the depths of the Lockjaw distro. Whether you’re discovering a new band or rekindling an old flame, give them a listen and let us know what you think.

It’s exciting to see all the new music being released this year, but it’s easy to forget some of your old favourites! There’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing the music we love, so here are our recommendations for records worth remembering.

In December we’re listening to Belvedere, Start At Zero, Trails, Bare Teeth and Dankeschatz


Belvedere – Revenge Of The Fifth
Top Song: Delicastressin

I was late to the Belvedere party. I didn’t discover them until I got into This Is A Standoff in 2007. By then it was already too late. Belvedere was dead.

Regardless, I don’t think I need to tell you I like Belvedere a LOT?! I was the happiest person alive when I first saw them live at their reunion show in Paris in 2012. On a boat!

Though Revenge Of The Fifth was long awaited, I feel this is by far Belvedere’s most underrated album. Fans tend to get nostalgic and stick to the older stuff as best. But from shredders like Hairline and Delicastressin to a calmer Generation Debt, this album has some strokes of genius.

PS.: check out Steve Rawles’ new booking agency Merit Based Booking. There’s bound to be some sick tours coming to Europe in 2019!



Start At Zero- Against The Stream
Top Song: Against The Stream

I met Gaspar and Jure for the first time in 2014 when A Hero Build did their first tour with Darko. Ajdovscina and the kazern will forever be linked to way too much drinking, GoPro’s and weird 70% rum.

The Zero guys are an awesome bunch of lads who write old school style punk rock songs, 170% filled with energy.
Boys, I want a new album in 2019!


Trails – Crooked Trees
Top Song: Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads

Before the Wild Tales there was Trails. The last documented work of Trails is in the form of an album, a collection of epic rock tracks on wax to sink your mind into.

I saw the first show Trails played and I was there for the last. I did merch for them and joined them on my first tour out of the UK. The back catalogue has a place in my history and it would be hard to pick my favourite really, however, this being a full length gives you lots to sink for teeth into. Lots of great influences on this record, creating a diverse and exciting blend of rock with math and punk mixed in.

Check out all the back catalogue of Trails videos as they are bloody epic efforts, then go and listen to Wild Tales and enjoy. Amen praise the Lord.


Bare Teeth, First The Town, Then The World (2017)
Top Song: Tomorrow Starts Today

It’s safe to say that this is one heroic album! The riffs and lead licks are powerful, beefy and fun, just as the best superheroes should be. And more importantly it’s an album full of fun and passion from the get-go. It all ends with an acoustic version of Behind The Wall, to show you how beautifully crafted and layered their songwriting is when you strip a song down.

These dudes are très awesome, and it was great to meet and hang with them when they played the Midwich Cuckoos album launch in London last year. Bands who make their super speedy skills look easy and throw in a good couple of jumps in there, easily win me over.


Dankeschatz – Jaja (2017)
Top Song: Am Ende

I was lucky enough to run into Bogdan from Dankeschatz when he was filling in for Straightline on tour. It’s rare that you get handed an EP in a cardboard wallet in a pub that you wind up falling totally in love with, but that was the case with Jaja….

This two-piece from Munich, Germany deserve some serious recognition. They play frantic, grungy skate-punk that’ll to appeal to anyone who enjoys energy and fury in their music. We met it was through a conversation about whether singing in German is likely to cause them any trouble getting recognition overseas – I’ve reached the conclusion that the language definitely won’t stop these guys, they’re incredible.