Hidden Gems – February 2019

Every month, the Lockjaw Crew will be sharing our hidden gems from the depths of the Lockjaw distro. Whether you’re discovering a new band or rekindling an old flame, give them a listen and let us know what you think.

In February we’re listening to Forever Unclean, Krang, Mighty Midgets, A Hero Build and Almeida.


Forever Unclean – Float (2017)
Top Song: Worthless

After being a fan of Stars Burn Stripes, I was immediately hooked when Forever Unclean first came onto the scene. Four tracks of hook-laden, original indie-punk. I’ve had the pleasure of watching them play in many different countries and, no matter the turnout, they always put on a great show, not to mention the incredible lovely hangs we’ve had together on tours. Float and the newer offering Woof, both released by Disconnect Disconnect Records, are available on the Lockjaw website.



Krang – Singalong (2018)
Top Song: Kick Ass Chew Bubble Gum

Baddest Brain was my first introduction to the band and Singalong is the welcomed follow up. I’m a sucker for anything TNMNT related and this Czech band have also got me with ridiculous song titles, which I love too. Titles like: Kick Ass Chew Bubble Gum, Indiana Jones Hates Nazis And Snakes and Life Is a Mortal Kombat will get me chuckling everytime I read them. Expect humour sprinkled in amongst film, political and social commentary.

And these guys rip live. Super fun to watch. I was really chuffed to support them last year, in London with Midwich Cuckoos.

So yeah, fasten up to listen to 10 shredding melodic hardcore tracks on a ‘brain splatter’ disc if you get this on vinyl. The energy is unrelenting throughout and the guys have honed in on their sound. Which is chock full of choruses and ‘give me some more of that’ type riffs. My only issue is that I feel that they could have given us more, but hey, quality over quantity. Bring on album three!


Mighty Midgets – Raising Ruins For The Future (2010)
Top Song: Time Well Wasted

Raising Ruins For The Future has to be one of the greatest punk albums of the last decade. I’ve yet to meet a fast-punk fan who doesn’t love it.

Mighty Midgets are a Danish band that combine the frenetic sense of urgency that you’d find in a fast hardcore album, with the intuitive, effortless approach to melodic guitar lines that carries a lot of skate-punk bands. There’s riffs aplenty, delivered at a heart-attack pace.

Lockjaw helped with a 2016 vinyl re-release, alongside a list of Europe’s best independent labels, including Midgets’ own project 5 Feet Under Records. Ruins To The Future is the only song clocking in much beyond the two-minute mark, on what proves to be a wild, exciting ride of an album.

I enjoy screaming along to every track on this solid masterpiece. It’s one of those albums where I know and love every single jab of guitar, hoarse vocal strain or inventive little fill. There is a timeless appeal to much of Mighty Midgets output; if you’ve not discovered Mighty Midgets yet, do it now.

Also noteworthy are the other projects of Mighty Midgets members: Kollapse are a heavier, darker hardcore act, and Stöj Snak (Midgets guitarists Niels Højgaard Sørensen), who accurately bills himself as a screamer-songwriter, captivates everyone who has the good fortune to discover him.


A Hero Build – Prospects  (2015)
Top Song: Beginnings

A few years ago I had to say goodbye to one of my favourite Belgian bands. A Hero Build was one of those bands that I’d get to see regularly and grew to love more every time. After their demo Small Giants (2009), they followed up with an EP Our Nature (2011) and finally put out Prospects in 2013. It was released on vinyl through the wonderful Giljotina Records (SLO).

A good mix of melodic punk with a slight hardcorey vibe and lyrics full of melancholy.  The raw vocals cut deep and really bring out the underlying heavy emotions.

They toured with the likes of Money Left To Burn and Darko. Though the latter are quite notorious, A Hero Build probably did more damage to them than the other way ‘round!

Though known to be the occasional grumps, they’re by far some of my favourite Belgian punkrockers. Much love to AHB crew.



Almeida – Social Media Circus (2015)
Top Song: The Twisted Architect

I know they are already featured as a hidden gem, but this band and record can’t be mentioned enough. By far my favourite band, favourite people and favourite album.

Now, even when plagued by some organisational issues, they still manage to make some of the best music I ever heard. Social Media Circus was immense and I just can’t wait till their next release.

If you’re a bass player and you live in the UK: get in touch, they need you. I would do it, but moving to the UK doesn’t seem to be the best option right now.