Hidden Gems – March 2019

Every month, the Lockjaw Crew will be sharing our hidden gems from the depths of the Lockjaw distro. Whether you’re discovering a new band or rekindling an old flame, give them a listen and let us know what you think.

In March we’re listening to Weatherstruck, March, After The Fall, Kill The President and Rebuke.


Weatherstate – Dumbstruck (2017)
Top Song: Ill

Weatherstate are a great band introduced to me by the awesome dudes Ben and Connor at Failure By Design Records. A super rad little label local to me. Ben Pollard has been a good old friend for a while touring with trails and I and shooting various Darko videos.

I first met Weatherstate when Benny P put Darko and Edward In Venice on in a microbrewery in Guilford. Inspired! On a side note don’t forget to check out the new EiV track out last Friday!

We featured this track on our no guts no glory compilation to raise money for Crohn’s and colitis uk trust. It’s feel-good wholesome pop-punk in the vein of good green day with a classy emo Weezer tinge.

The band have a brand new record out now on Failure By Design which you should also deffo check out.

We have a lovely selection of the failure by design catalogue in store if you fancy yourself some emo and pop punk check out the roster and grab some.


March – Stay Put (2016)
Top Song: Big Wave

Energetic? (check)….. Cool choruses? (check)….. Awesome live? (CHECK!!) …. Dog on the cover artwork (check)

This crew from the low-lands of Belgium and the Netherlands kill it live. I’ve had the pleasure of catching a peep of their set at PRH and they totally blew me away at KNRD! I’m looking forward to catching a club show.

Their sound is reminiscent of Anti-Flag and The Distillers with a raspy Hole-esque vocal delivery, some flashes of classic stadium rock to make it sound big, and plenty of riffs that will make you want to strut and/or bounce around. What’s not to love here?!?!

They’ve just released a new single ‘Fear Of Roses’ and have got some dates across the mainland, which I’m guessing is just a little of taste of what’s to come.


After The Fall – Recollection (2000-2010)
Top Song: Four More Years

AFTER THE FALL ARE GOING TO BE IN THE UK SOON! Let’s just get that out there straight away.

I love After The Fall, and it would be tough to pick a favourite release from them, so they’ve kindly done the work for us and summed up the best their 2000-2010 output in this handy Recollection format. We’ve got it in stock right now and, if you’re hoping to catch them on tour this April and want to brush up on your background knowledge, it’d be a bloody good place to start.

Hailing from Albany, New York, After The Fall deliver anger and bitterness at a thrash-pace, with cutting choruses and riffs aplenty. There’s a skate-punk backbone to everything they do that’s pretty hard not to love. After The Fall are one of the heavyweights of hardcore punk nowadays and this is a brilliant introduction to them.

If you’re UK based, you can catch After The Fall at Manchester Punk Festival or in London with Mean Caesar, Werecats and Laserchrist, or with Natterers and Young Conservatives in Leeds.


Kill The President – Citizens (2013)
Top Song: Fight ‘Em All

Hailing from Valencia Kill The President – Citizens brings to the table five blistering tracks of fast, melodic and technical punk rock. Where some bands oeuvre might be musically tight, they often lack in vocals. That’s not the case here. Singer Alberto provides a raw, deep vocal style that is the cherry on top. A true gem.

Their live performance is nothing short of awesome: lots of energy, tight and a lot of jumping around.

Supposedly working on new music this year, they’ve given me something to look forward to.


Rebuke – Rhetoric Of The Work (2015)
Top Song: Gonzales, of course

Long time ago, I mistook Rebuke for a Danish band and mentioned that to Petter. Let’s say he wasn’t very impressed. Luckily Rebuke, from Finland, don’t need any introduction anymore by now.

Their “Best of”-album Rhetoric of the Work contains all their songs. I strongly advise everybody to buy it. Petter, as Norwegians tend to do, secretly hid a message in 1 of the album covers. Who can find it? And more important what does it say?