Hidden Gems – November 2018

Every month, the Lockjaw Crew will be sharing our hidden gems from the depths of the Lockjaw distro. Whether you’re discovering a new band or rekindling an old flame, give them a listen and let us know what you think.

It’s exciting to see all the new music being released this year, but it’s easy to forget some of your old favourites! There’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing the music we love, so here are our recommendations for records worth remembering.

In November we’re listening to Revenge of The Psychotronic Man, Almeida, Kill The President, Rebuke on Sweden The Deal and Jaya The Cat


Revenge of The Psychotronic Man – Back Catalogue
Top Song: Rrose Sélavy (To Make A Toast To Life)
Link: Revenge of The Psychotronic Man

Now is the time to celebrate Revenge of The Psychotronic Man. After 14 years as a band, over 500 gigs, 4 albums, numerous EPs and more human pyramids than can possibly be quantified, Manchester’s fast-punk hooligans are calling it a day. Their final hurrah is on December 8th and there’s only a handful of opportunities to catch them before then.

I’m going to tell you a secret. The first time I saw Revenge, I thought they were shit. I thought they were a scrappy, fast, unruly, inebriated trio of Northern idiots with an unhealthy obsession with tigers, Alan Partridge and Mr Blobby. Then I saw them again. And I had a listen to Shattered Dreams Parkway. Then, after a while, I saw them play a gig to a packed out room full of pierced and patched punks in their hometown of Manchester and suddenly it clicked. I saw the energy, the heated connection with the crowd and their adrenaline-soaked, twitching addiction to absurdly fast riffage. They do have an unhealthy preoccupation with Mr Blobby, I was right on that part.

They summarised it better in lyrics than I can in prose: “I’ll get pissed and I’ll talk shit, I’ll dance like an idiot. I don’t care what people think when I’m just having fun.” Revenge are simply the most fun band I have ever encountered and the DIY punk scene will be worse off without them.

That said, they shall live on in the form of big, shiny plastic discs. We’ve got Shattered Dreams Parkway, Colossal Velocity and their Maida Vale session in stock, otherwise you can head over to their label TNSRecords for their final album This Was Just A Noise.


Almeida – Social Media Circus (Lockjaw Records)
Top Song: Payday

I still remember the first time I saw Almeida. It was November 2012, I’d just taken a 4 hour trainride from Belgium to the North end of the Netherlands (a special place called Friesland). I was 22, alone and a teeny tiny bit anxious. But I’d travelled all the way to Alt rockcafe Mukkes in Leeuwarden to witness the live performance of 50/50, Fair Do’s, Money Left To Burn and Almeida.  What a lineup. Holy mother fucking shit. Almeida blew me away. I knew they were good on record , but damn. That live performance was insane. There is no words to describe an Almeida live performance other than “wtf, magical, mind-blowing, intense AF, life changing” .

I got my hands on their album ‘Fantastic Massacre’, caught another 4 shows on that tour (with Fair Do’s) and waited patiently for more music. Years later the EP ‘Social media circus’ was dropped. An apt title, as singer Tom is known to occasionally stir up a good debate on the socials.

It contains songs that will be difficult to wrap your head around because they are so genius. Needless to say you’ll be amazed. You can listen to this at home but i highly recommend checking them out live.

Favourite songs: payday, creed



Kill The President – Citizens
(Self released, 2015)
Top Song: Citizens

Met the Presidents and El Principe for the first time in 2016 while they were promoting their record ‘Citizens’. Killer record, awesome guys. Their captivating live performances and their awesome positive vibes, quickly made them Europe’s favorite skatepunk Manuels. This is a must have record for everybody into the skatepunk style of music.

So here’s to you, Principito Alberto and los Presidentes! Zarzuela! Conquistador! Saragossa!  ¡Compra este disco ahora! 

Btw, zarzuela gives me stomach aches.



Sweden The Deal compilation (Lockjaw Records, 2012)
Top Song: Scene to Be Believed – REBUKE

Totally unconnected with Wednesday’s announcement…but maybe it’s all connected, everything that happens has a reason, deeply rooted in space and time, to feed the greater good of the universe and the ‘GREST’ (great + best sic.Cedric 2018) of us will be blissfully unaware.

Anyway I digress. This month I wanted to give a shout out to Sweden the Deal, which was a co release by a bunch of awesome labels and curated by Broken Aris guitarist Magnus. The record is a couple of tunes from 7 great swedish bands, showcasing the underground punk scene. I picked up on a few new bands as well as being treated to new tunes from some of my fav Swedes.

The bands:

The labels:


Banging Bargain CD

Sweden The Deal Compilation

£10.00 £4.00


Jaya The Cat, The New International Sound Of Hedonism, (Bomber Music, 2016)
Top Song: Closing Time

I first got introduced to this band/album by my good friend, legend and music connoisseur with a brilliantly wide pallette, Chris Hunter. I believe he sold it to me as a modern European version of Sublime…but these were Americans who lived in Amsterdam. Naturally curiosity took over and I’ve been having good times to these songs ever since!

Chris’s description was dead on. Gone are the hip-hop vibes and sun soaked lyrics who’s socio-political commentary is fitting for the head spin, that is California. Instead we’ve got philosophy told from a barstool, measured my a life well worn and travelled, but sometimes where the heart sometimes races against head trying to keep up with the hangover. All set against a music backdrop that goes between phat dub beats, rocking hard riffs and keyboard whimsy. All chucked together you can feel that you’re walking back home from a Tuesday night out in Amsterdam with some drizzle hitting your forehead. And to top it off they’re a fun band to watch.

I’ve given this many listens and it has since been linked to so many memories and backdrops of many a Lesley-escapes and nonsense. So why not give it a spin and see if you can make some memories with it?