Join Our Super Sweet Vinyl Club

Let’s set off on new adventures.

It’s 2020 and amidst the confusion of Covid-19 we are embarking on a new undertaking to keep spirits high, music flowing and the constant bangover!

After a lot of requests, we’ve decided to get wild and proudly introduce our Lockjaw Crew membership. This super sweet vinyl club offers happy campers the satisfying feeling of knowing they will never miss out on a Lockjaw Records release as well as becoming an even closer part of our ecosystem. 

This membership is more than just physical records, it’s being part of a community that helps us shape the label and the scene. It supports the finer things in life: good music, good company, good vibes and good times.

As this is our first expedition we have a very limited number of spaces available so pack your sack, grab your headphones and away we go!

Let’s head to the freedom of the great musical landscape. 

Join us on our journey to new heights and be by our side whilst we discover the next hidden gems.

Find out all the details and answers to frequently asked questions here!