KNRD Fest: Introducing The Lockjaw Lucky Dip

We take DIY very seriously here at Lockjaw Records, so we’ve got some surprises for you at KNRD Fest…

In my time at Lockjaw Records I’ve had some expected tasks. This includes but is not limited to:

Thus I find myself faced with an interesting pre-KNRD Fest job: transforming this humble cardboard box into a spectacular Lucky Dip.

KNRD is a special festival to the Lockjaw Crew: a magical weekender in the Bavarian woods that connects with our love of skate-punk with our unfortunate urge to party idiotically. They’ve booked a huge swathe of the Lockjaw roster this year: Drones, Burnt Tapes, Fights & Fires and Darko, so we thought it only fair that we also pull out all the stops.

We’ve got a few secrets up our sleeves for the Lockjaw stall at KNRD but, inspired by traditional British village fayres, I thought a Lucky Dip box was a good idea. It didn’t occur to me that I’d also have to make it.

Although I like a bit of arts and crafts, before beginning the project I’ve already realised it’s going to look like a 4 year old made it. I have sharpies, I have wrapping paper and I’ve got a hell of a lot of PVA glue. Neil Buchanan, eat your heart out.

I spent some time weighing up the merits of unicorn wrapping paper and gold crepe. We’re reluctant to use polystyrene for the filling as we’re trying to be eco-conscious, so instead we find some Wolfrik / The Affect Heuristic tour posters that are out of date… and decide to tear them up. Recycling! I raid my craft box for odd bits of cardboard and felt tips. 

The result? Well, it definitely looks like a 4 year old made it:

We’re filling the Lockjaw Lucky Dip with awesome prizes. There’s some classic old Lockjaw releases in there, some new albums, some coffee and a handful of surprises! Come give it a go at KNRD Fest and make all my crafting efforts worthwhile.

We’re driving over to Nuremberg overnight for KNRD in one big sweaty van load. We can’t wait to see all the amazing bands: Random Hand, Mute, La Armada, Not On Tour and Antillectual are top of my personal list. Come give us a hug, buy us a beer and sing Say My Name with us.

If you’re not familiar with KNRD yet, it’s a donations-based festival Hormersdorf, near Nuremberg in Germany. The line-up is amazing and the people are lovely. If you fancy a laugh, read my review of last year’s festival

Fun Fact: We also came up with the idea of a Lockjaw version of Where’s Wally? It’s almost impossible to get all five of us in the same place, but KNRD is one of those rare opportunities. If you can get a selfie with every single member of the Lockjaw Crew over the weekend and post them on Insta we’ll give you a prize (probably a pfeffi shot).