Lockjaw Coffee Compilation: 30 Caffeine-Fuelled Punk Rock Songs

Discover your new fast-punk favourites on Lockjaw’s latest compilation, available exclusively with our Lockjaw Coffee

Here at Lockjaw Records HQ, the only thing we love more than coffee is punk rock. Caffeine give us the jolt we need to work hard and play harder – it keeps us going through festivals, gigs and long-ass journeys in the van.

That’s why we’re buzzing with excitement to serve up our first ever Lockjaw Coffee! We’ve teamed up with Sham City Roasters, a specialist punk-rock influenced roastery and cafe from Hastings, to create this bold and delicious roast for you.

Need your caffeine fix? Order our Lockjaw Coffee while it’s hot!

Everyone who orders our Lockjaw Coffee will also receive an exclusive digital compilation. We’ve sourced 30 songs from Hastings’ finest punk rockers, Lockjaw Records’ flagship bands and some of our favourite recent releases. Here’s what you can expect:

Wolfrik – Skeleton City

From: Skeleton City

Canadian melodic thrashers Wolfrik are a whirlwind of hardrock and good times that’s hitting Europe for the first time in March 2019. This, the title track from their Skeleton City EP (released on Lockjaw Records and Thousand Islands Records on lurid pink vinyl in March 2019), is the perfect way to kick start any day.

Burnt Tapes – Drift Champ ‘16

From: Never Better

London-based melodic punks Burnt Tapes channel emo and indie influences on their debut album Never Better (released on Lockjaw Records and Wiretap Records in February 2019). The album’s received rave reviews from fans and critics around the world, and the band are getting set for KNRD Fest and Booze Cruise this summer.

Haest – Always Put Your Shit Friends In The Bin

From: #EP2

Named after their Hastings roots, Haest are a new sludgy, doomy hardcore collaboration from members of Matilda’s Scoundrels, Wizard Fight, The Dead Anyways and The Barracks. Fronted by Sham City Roasters’ main man, Dave Cullern, they play raging, heavy tunes best suited for the dark backrooms and sweat-soaked basement venues of the world.

Fair Do’s – Cowabunga

From: Leopards

Manchester’s kings of technical melodic hardcore delivered a blisteringly brilliant debut album in 2018, in the form of Leopards (released on Lockjaw Records). Cowabunga is one of their more uplifting tunes, filled with their signature snare blasts, jaw-dropping fretwork and 3-part hardcore vocals.

The Affect Heuristic – Mel Gibbons

This is an exclusive first listen an unreleased track from Scottish / Belgian melodic hardcore newbies The Affect Heuristic. Beneath the hooka-chackas and references to primates lies an intensely technical beast of a tune – one of the first skate-punk bangers to feature some saucy saxophone! We’re excited for new material from TAH, but if you can’t wait, check out their Vs split with Money Left To Burn, released on Lockjaw Records in 2018.

Matilda’s Scoundrels – Bow To The Powers

From: As The Tide Turns

One of the rowdiest live bands the UK has to offer, Matilda’s Scoundrels truly know how to deliver folk-punk at its best. Based by the seaside in Hastings, Matilda’s released their debut album As The Tide Turns on TNSrecords in 2017, and have since inspired jigging, row boats, human pyramids, crowd-surfing dinghies and general chaos around Europe.

Wild Tales – Burn It To The Ground

Guildford’s twinkly indie-punks Wild Tales have been teasing us by releasing one single at a time, with a little help from Lockjaw Records. We wouldn’t recommend charring your coffee grounds, but Burn It To The Ground is an excellent introduction to this band’s techy, atmospheric approach to pop.

Adrenalized – Operation Exodus: Part II

From: Operation Exodus

Have you seen Adrenalized’s new album?! The vinyl comes with 3D glasses and some unique, multi-layered artwork. It’s also the super-fast, headrush of technical punk that you’d expect from these Spanish legends, and Operation Exodus: Part II is the best coffee-accompaniment we could recommend, if you’re want to get fired up for a day of hard work or hard party.

Misgivings – I Keep Hoarding Up

From: Hermitage

Southsea gruff-punks Misgivings created one of 2018’s hidden gems, in the form of their album Hermitage, released via Lockjaw Records in December. Taking influence from a classic melodic punk greats like Hot Water Music, Hüsker Dü and Polar Bear Club, Misgivings play gut-wrenching, emotional punk with riffs aplenty.

Not On Tour – Therapy

From: Growing Pains

Known for their fresh, exciting take on classic 80’s punk, we couldn’t resist including the latest single from Israeli 4-piece Not On Tour. This is the first track from their upcoming album Growing Pains, being released by our pals at SBAM Records and La Agonia De Vivre in April 2019. Short, snappy skate-punk played right.

Punka – Jägerbomb Boys

From: Angry All The Time

Punka are a high-energy three-piece punk band with an Anglo/Scottish twist, who got together in Hastings five years ago. They’ve tripped around the country in the support of their 2017 album Angry All The Time.

Bash Brothers – It’s Not The End Of The World

From: Downhearted

Downhearted, the latest full-length from Swedish skate-punkers, Bash Brothers, is destined to become one of the great melodic hardcore albums of 2018. Fans of punk and technical metal alike will drool over their riffs, uptempo beats and techy flourishes. Fast, heavy and brilliant – it’s out now on Thousand Islands Records, although Lockjaw are giving them a hand with distribution.

Coral Springs – Taking A Fall

From: Always Lost, Never Found

Taking A Fall is the biggest single from Dutch pop-punks Coral Springs’ debut album Always Lost, Never Found. Coral Springs combine the sweetness and melodies of pop-punk with a classic 90’s skate-punk flair, all topped off by Jo Bouwmeester’s soaring, beautiful vocals. The album was released in February 2018 by Umlaut Records and SBAM Records.

Edward in Venice – High Tide

From: Empathy

The new 7-track Empathy from Italian stallions Edward in Venice is a hearty mix of modern pop-punk and fiery melodic hardcore. It’s due for release on Lockjaw Records on April 26, but you can pre-order it now. High Tide is the lead single from the EP and the first taste of their new tunes, since their 2015 EP Howler and the addition of new guitarist, Ivan Maioli.

Simon Wells & Jens Jensen – Champions Of Keepin’ ‘Em Rolling

This characterful rework of a folk classic is a the first recorded work offered by two talented Hastings friends. Simon Wells is better known as a founding member of Snuff and the heart of Southport, however in recent years he released a touching acoustic solo album. Teaming up with Jens Jensen, Matilda’s Scoundrels’ charismatic accordionist, is a beautiful and natural progression.

SKIV – Gumdrop Candy Mountain

From: Meal Deal

Kentish melodic punks Skiv released three exceptional singles in the last year, which come together to form their debut Meal Deal EP. All their tunes are fresh and catchy with well-constructed lyrics – it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Catch them live for top quality on-stage banter, too.

Fullcount – Dare Me One

From: Part Of The Game

Canadian technical punks Fullcount are best known for having three shred-addicted guitarists, but they stand out for their complex composition, gritty vocals and anthemic melodies. Self-released, but with European distribution from Lockjaw Records, we’re excited for more people to discover this Quebecoise powerhouse.

Maid Of Ace – Monster

From: Maid In England

Taken from Maid of Ace’s 2016 release Maid In England, Monster is a proper hard-rocking punk tune. These four sisters from Hastings create fast, straight-up punk rock with a quintessentially English vibe, harnessing the raw energy from their live shows

Goodbye Blue Monday – Love Is A Noose For Two

From: Misery-Punk Ruined My Life

Love Is A Noose For Two is the Scottish misery-punks’ ode to marriage. Goodbye Blue Monday channel the duality of bipolar disorder by wedding morose topics with poppy, infectiously catchy songwriting. Catch them later this year at Groezrock and Punk Rock Holiday, and out on tour with Spanish Love Songs and Pkew Pkew Pkew.

Midwich Cuckoos – Russian Doll

From: We Are Everywhere

Midwich Cuckoos are a true one-off: an international collaboration that put a classic rock twist on the punk we love. Brimming with a filthy rock ‘n’ roll swagger, they’re a force to be reckoned with live and a seriously enjoyable listen.

Stanis – Tempus Fugit

From: Tales From A Modern Society

Italian skate-punks Stanis knocked our socks off with their upcoming new album Tales From A Modern Society. Featuring members of Linterno and X-State Ride, they’ve smashed out two great EPs in the short time they’ve been together. Catch them at KNRD Fest, Punk Rock Holiday and The Fest!

Butane Regulators – Tub Lyfe

Butane Regulators are four scumbags from Hastings that make (in their own words) an awful racket, which is sometimes referred to as punk. They’ve been going since 2016, but Tub Lyfe  marks the revitalisation of the band in 2019.

Money Left To Burn – Parallels

From: Vs

Veterans of the German skate-punk scene, Nuremberg’s Money Left To Burn are one of the best live bands around. Parallels is taken from the smashing Vs split they did with newbies The Affect Heuristic, released on Lockjaw Records in early 2018.

Drones – Anchors

From: Exiled

Political alt-rockers Drones have undergone a lot of line-up changes over the years, but they’ve hit a definite sweet spot with their Exiled-era incarnation. One of the most popular Lockjaw releases from 2018, Exiled’s taken Drones to the next level, underpinned by their seriously exciting live presence.

Rebuke – Death-Defining Stunts

From: Rhetoric Of The Work

Swedish skate-punks Rebuke are one of Lockjaw’s all-time favourites, and we’re proud to have released Rhetoric Of The Work in Europe earlier this year. It’s a collection of all their previous releases which, until now, was only available in Japan.

The Barracks – Drinking Song

From: Lost And Found

One of Hastings’ most entertaining live bands, The Barracks play the kind of street punk you’ll want to shout along to – perfect for fans of Dropkick Murphys or Bouncing Souls. Known for raucous boozing, Drinking Song’s an ideal introduction to these fun punks. Cheers!

Laughing In The Face Of – Wronga

From: The Governor

There’s rumours of fresh material on its way from Brummie tech-punks Laughing In The Face Of. To gear you up, here’s a taste over their super-fast skate-style noodlings, from their last EP The Governor, which was out on Lockjaw Records in 2013.

Jason Stirling & The Blue Moon Band – The Long Road

From: The Long Road

The Long Road is Jason Stirling’s debut solo work, having built a reputation for himself as an integral part of Hastings folk-punks Matilda’s Scoundrels. The Blue Moon Band is made up of members of Rotten Foxes and Nosebleed, taking a wholesome new folk-inspired direction, in contrast to their frantic punk projects.

Brightr – New Years

From: Two Sides

Laurie Cottingham (better known as Brightr) is a lovely soul, who’s created a moving new album of soulful acoustic tunes: Two Sides. New Years is the lead single from the release, and the ideal way to soothe your caffeine jitters for the day.