Lockjaw Coffee launched in collaboration with Sham City Roasters

We’ve teamed up to create a specialist coffee and a compilation to kick start your day

Here at Lockjaw Records HQ we are obsessed by coffee. We’re buzzing to launch our first ever Lockjaw Coffee in collaboration with our friends at Sham City Roasters!

We’ve created a delicious full-city roast using a bean grown at the La Lomida Farm in the Farallones region of Colombia. The farm is known for their agricultural practices which aim to minimise their impact upon the environment, dedicating 40% of its land as a forest reserve and sanctuary to local fauna, and working without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

The end product is a delightful, medium-bodied brew with hints of almond and citrus, ideal for coffee nerds and novices alike.

To help kick you into action, we’ve created a one-off digital compilation, available only when you buy the coffee. Enjoy your morning brew while Adrenalized, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Fair Do’s, Burnt Tapes and many more give you the wake-up call you need.

Need your caffeine fix? Order our Lockjaw Coffee while it’s hot!

At Lockjaw we believe in the spirit of collaboration, and in supporting other small, independent businesses. As a crew of coffee snobs, we supremely excited to work with Sham City on this limited roast.

Sham City Roasters is a specialist coffee roastery based in Hastings, UK, where they serve up delicious filter-coffee alongside vegan/vegetarian lunches, cakes and donuts. Sham City has a strong connection to the DIY punk scene, working with a number of bands and artists over the years, as well as collaborating with other punk-run small businesses.

The bond between coffee and punk rock is as strong as the friendships forged in the music scene. In the words of Descendents, “I don’t need no booze or drugs, I just chug-a-lug-o my coffee mug.”

So that you can enjoy punk rock with your coffee, we’ve compiled 30 tracks of high-octane Lockjaw and Sham City favourites, which is available as an exclusive digital download with every purchase of Lockjaw Coffee.