Lockjaw Team Update: April

Spring has sprung! April is destined to be filled with 2019 highlights for our team. Wolfrik and The Affect Heuristic are kicking off their three-week European tour, getting ready to shred across borders, Brexit be damned.

On April 26th, we’re excited to release Edward in Venice’s new EP Empathy into the world. We can’t wait for you to hear it! Until then, we’ll be gearing up for Manchester Punk Festival – we’ll be at their pop-up record fair and out in support of our crew: Fair Do’s, Wolfrik, The Affect Heuristic, Almeida and Fights & Fires, if we can tear ourselves away from all the other exciting acts.

Joelle (Antwerp) 

Punk season has well and truly begun. I can’t even grasp all the gigs and festivals that are happening, all the trips I’m going on and all the tickets I may or may not have bought. Being a punkrocker requires a lot of administration skills.

Definitely looking forward to Wolfrik/The Affect Heuristic Tour + MPF + Groezrock this month.

The Affect Heuristic also gets to play with Belgian punkrock LEGENDS Hangin’ Out who are hosting a party/reunion for their 20th anniversary, which I’m hopeful I’ll be able to attend.

Listening to

  • Petrol Girls – The Sound

Cedric (Oostkamp)

So, final week before tour with The Affect Heuristic and Wolfrik. Got a last minute bass/drum session this weekend, sure felt good! We have some awesome new songs lined up for the upcoming tour, can’t wait to hear what you think of them! Oh and we recorded a new single called “Mel Gibbons”, which should be released somewhere after tour. Can’t wait for that full album!

If you can, come and see us on tour: I like warm and smelly stages. MPF, SBAM and Munich will definitely be highlights in these upcoming crazy 3 weeks!

Listening to

Wolfrik, because they’re awesome & some dude on saxophone, because he’s awesome.

Rob (Guildford)

It’s been nice this month getting out the studio and playing some Darko shows with some awesome bands, Broken Arrow Fest was a great laugh with lockjaw crew Fair Do’s and Misgivings, plus loads of fantastic acts like Haest and Werecats. The weekend after that we were in Bristol for Fishstock to celebrate Chris’s birthday. I hadn’t seen Bolshy for years and they absolutely slayed their headline set. Shout out to Triple Sundae, Slackbird and Kermes for enjoyable sets.

I’m late to writing this update as I’m still recovering from last weekends jaunt to Seregno for the first No Reason Fest. It was an absolute please to be part of the show, and inspiring to see a great team working passionately for another indie label. Big up to the No Reason Records and Booking, team for a wonderful time. It’s always a good time with Astpai, Antillectual, Brightr, 7years, and I was very impressed by new friends Regarde, check ’em out.

The Wolfrik/The Affect Heuristic tour starts on the 17th soooo stoked for that, passign through MPF and SBAM. I’ll be on route with them the whole time, come to a show and hang with us.

Listening to

Polyphia (again) – Drown (such a riff.)

Sarah (Manchester)

APRIL IS THE BUSIEST MONTH IN PUNK ROCK. Well, it is for me. I am rushing around doing twenty things at once and absolutely loving it. Everything I do is currently revolving around Manchester Punk Festival. Here’s the MPF highlights:

  • Come to Font Bar at 12:30 on Friday 19th April to watch me recording a special episode of the Shout Louder podcast! We’re launching Season 3 with some special guests, exploring the relationship between mental health and music. It’ll be funny, I promise.
  • I interviewed Not On Tour, Martha, Incisions, Wolfrik and Screech Bats for the Manchester Punk Festival programme – download it here. Lesley and I were also asked our top recommendations for the fest (Wolfrik, Svalbard, Adrenalized in my case)
  • I wrote a behind-the-scenes article about the DIY roots of the festival that gives an insight into the unique challenges of running a grassroots event that’s grown as big as MPF
  • Lockjaw will be part of MPF’s pop-up record fair, held every day at The Union. Alas, I won’t be there because…
  • I’ll be working at the festival, running around making sure all the bands are well looked after and everyone’s got a big grin on their face.
  • Let’s not forget the bands! MPF are generous to us Lockjaw lot, with The Affect Heuristic, Wolfrik, Fair Do’s, Almeida and Fights & Fires all gracing the bill. Jesus Christ, the lineup is good this year.

MPF is the worst for post-festival blues, but I’ve got some great stuff lined up afterwards. I’m hitting up Groezrock (Jawbreaker! Wolfrik! Jupiler!) and I’m heading out on tour with Spanish Love Songs, Pkew Pkew Pkew and Goodbye Blue Monday in the first week of May. Come hang out!

Listening to

  • I’ve got all things Ashnikko on repeat at the moment – with the sun out, it’s become my car stereo banger, no matter where I’m driving. I’ve lucky enough to have swagged some tickets to see her with Girlie on the 16th and I’m exploding with excitement!

Lesley (London)

Maaaaaaanchester Puuuuunk Feeeeestivaaaaal! The first festival of the 2019 calendar is finally here. You can check out mine and Sarah’s MPF recommendations in the MPF program here. Come over and say hey when you are at the label market.

Alongside that, we’ve the mighty Wolfrik headed to the UK the European mainland along with The Affect Heuristic, with a spotting of Darko. How terrific!

Pussyliquor are coming to the Fighting Cocks, with Track Not Found and Refuse All, and unfortunately I’ll be missing the Palm Reader and Lay It On The Line show, as I’ll be nipping over to this year’s SBAM Fest. I missed out last year, so I’m quite excited to see how cool this fest is!

Listening to